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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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You wonder how I look like...have you ever played TwoWorlds ? Have you ever seen the Ogre in TwoWorlds ? This is how I look like. LOL


Nope that room is tiny 9.5' x 12' and 6.5' celling ! LOL Sad but true

Here some of the pro amps to power my subs...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

That red monster...weighs close to 260lbs...empty cabinet(no driver).~15Hz tune. Eight inch port ...

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Equipment List:

Marantz SR9300 A/V Receiver THX Ultra2 140w x 7/

Cambridge Audio Azur 640C v.2 CD Player/

Denon DVD2910 Universal DVD-A SACD Player/

Philips CDR 950 CD Recorder/

Yamaha CDC-685 5 Discs CD Changer/

DLO HomeDock iPod A/V Docking Station/

Motorola-Verizon QIP-6416 HD DVR Cable Box/

Sony DVPNC555ES 5 Disc DVD Changer/

Pioneer Elite DVR-7000 DVD Recorder/

Samsung BD-P1200 Bluray Player/

Microsoft X-BOX Gaming System/

Samsung HP-S5053 50 Plasma HDTV Monitor/

Belkin PureAV 3 in 1 HDMI v1.2 Switcher/

Universal Remote MX850 Aeros/

Panamax M5400-PM Power Center/

Panamax MAX5100 Power Center/

Panamax Max 2 Coax Surge Protector/

Monster Cable SW200 Surge Protector/

Klipsch Reference RF35 (Fronts)/

Klipsch Reference RC35 (Center)/

Klipsch Reference RS35 (Surrounds)/

Klipsch Reference RS25 (Rear Center)/

Klipsch Reference RSW10 Powered Subwoofer/

Sennheiser HD535 Headphones/

Cables: AudioQuest; Acoustic Reseach; Key Digital; Monster M-Series.



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i have 1 link in the chain taken care of! i wanted new furnature for my new home with my new HT set up. the wife and i compromised and came up with this couch. i initially wanted the 3 curved chairs (have to have middle seat) but the wife said she wanted the living room to look like a living room and now a media room. now some might think i should have told her i was the man, but she has given up soooo much when it comes to the HT i didn't mind. i am lucky in the fact that she doesn't care about location, size, placement, loudness, nothing about the speakers. i get to do anything i want (with in reason) so i can have (what i think) is the perfect Living room HT set up.

okay here is the 3d drawing i made to see if this couch would fit in the new house....



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i got a sweeeeeet deal on it too! the couch with tax was going to cost $1081.42. i got the couch, swivil chair, end table (you see in the photo) and a big round ottoman for $1286.01 including tax. i just loved the .01 cent. you think they just kick that off, but no, better not short them.....lol.

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ANOTHER LINK GONE! i just bought the Emotiva LPA-1 7 channel amp for a total of $449! talked to tech support and i can biamp all 3 front speakers! each speaker will be 250w (125w biamped!) if you are reading this and want the same deal, hurry they only have a few left and when they are gone, they are not making any more. they are replacing it.

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