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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Scooter: I really love what you've done with your room. You have a lot of the elements incorporated into it that I wanted but never had the room to do it with. Mainly, I wanted LaScala's too and I really wanted a stage-like area below the screen. You also have so much more seating than I am able to have. You truely have accomplished a very envious room! Hat's-off to you, my friend! -Glenn

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I really like the clean lines for your setup very nice and tasty. As far as toe in goes it is generally accepted that 20 degrees is what you should position them at and then go from there.


Thanks for the nice comments. Coming from someone who has had there HT featured in a mag is well makes me feel pretty good. Still have a couple of small things left but not much. From there I will just mess with it.


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Sweet work on the entertainment center Nezff. Very nice quality work.

I agree with the toe in comments as it has made a huge difference in my setup. My listening position is about 10ft away and you can see that they are slightly angled inwards. If I look behind my left speaker, the center lines up just to the left of the middle of the couch and the right speaker lines up just to the right of the middle of the couch. Several times I have walked up to my center channel speaker to see if it was turned on and it was not. One other suggestion is to pull the speakers out slightly in front of the entertainment center. This will help keep the entertainment center from interfering with the soundwaves emitted from the speaker.

Oops, forgot to post the pic of my setup.


At this angle, you can see that they are slightly out in front of the entertainment center


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well the only thing is youth, My listening area isnt in the middle of the room. I watch movies from the left and right sides on the couches. i have them pointed in a little but now much. I will pull them out a little tomorrow though. thanks for the comments! Love them 83s!

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This is my Updated home theater, Its not as fancy as some of yours but then again im only a student. Please Comment, ENJOY!


6 - Seats Stadium Seating 10” Home Built Riser (Easy to make less than $80 from Home Depot) (HEAVY WHEN DONE)

Denon AVR 2307 CI

Playstation 3

Toshiba HD A3

DirecTV HD

Panomax Power Center

2 - JBL S120PII 12” Subwoofer 400watt RMS

2 - Klipsch RF-82 (Fronts)

2 - Klipsch RB-51 (Side Surround)

2 - Klipsch RS-52 (Back Surround)

1 - Klipsch RC-52 (Center)

Mitsubishi HC1500 720P Projector


Posted Image


Posted Image

110” 16:9 Wide Screen

Posted Image

Posted Image

Planet Earth HD DVD 16:9 Screen

Posted Image

Star Wars Episode 2 Widescreen 2:35.1 on a 16:9 Screen

Posted Image

Star Wars Episode 2 Widescreen 2:35.1 on a Cinescope Screen NO BLACK BARS! Screen of the picture is still the same size (I think its called Masking)

Posted Image

The Fifth Element Blu-Ray Cinescope on a 16:9 screen

Posted Image]

Posted Image

Posted Image


Lighting Remote Control


Building Riser





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4 speakers that match is just an awesome, seamless sound plus the heresy 3 for center. i've had the k-horns for close to 20 years and nothing will ever sound better to me. belle center and heresy rears. this is my first true 5.1 system. bought the sub in 07 wow . can't believe i waited this long. first movie we watched with a sub was 310 to yuma. unbelievable

just bought these 2 beauties last week

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For those wondering if the firmware 2.30 for dts hd-master audio worked. It does. You check it in two ways. Pop in a DTS HD MASTER AUDIO movie and play it. Press the select and it should display the info on what the movie is playing in. There it should say DTS HD master 5.1 or 7.1. The second way is to pop in a 7.1 DTS HD MASTER movie in. When you do your receiver will display LPCM, PCM, Multi Channel In, etc, (depending on what receiver you have). When the movie is playing your receiver (depending on make and model)will display 7 channel input vs. 5 channel input. and some receiver with small speaker display on the receiver will light up all 7 speakers. PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A HDMI 1.3 TO RECEIVER AUDIO. YOU NEED A 1.1 and ABOVE AND A RECEIVER TO ACCEPT AUDIO THROUGH HDMI, thus you do not have to purchase a receiver that has the new audio decoding as it wouldn’t be used, the PS3 decodes it fro you. I HAVE a DENON 2307 1.1 HDMI. Here are the pics to prove it.


Rush Hour 3 Before 2.30 update, its on dts master audio option. i only get dts 5.1 core

Posted Image

Denon 2307 1.1 HDMI receiver getting 5.1

Posted Image

Rush Hour 3 after 2.30 update, its on dts master audio option, FINALLY I CAN HEAR DTS 7.1

Posted Image

Denon 2307 getting 7.1

Posted Image
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