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OT : this is funny, checkout this kid's reaction


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You should have seen me the first time one of those horrid things popped up on my screen. It was like 3 am, house was completely silent, and I was in one of my 'extreme' frames of mind. Thought I was gonna have a friggin HEART ATTACK! I'll never forgive Indy for that one.


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Don't rush it, Michael! He's only 17 months now.

And yes, purposefully setting the kid up is cruel! And what's more cruel is to not put the camera down and comfort him when he's so obviously upset!!! I would hope mom was not too happy about that.

I'll have to admit, the initial reaction of the kid was funny, but the sobbing afterward was a little much. [:(]

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Happens in my job all the time, there's a time to take photos and a time to NOT take photos. This was a time to drop the camera and take care of the kid. You can't even see the guy reaching out his other arm to presumably his son. This guy is a total a-hole.

Sorry Amy, I had the timing off a bit. Don't let em grow em too quick. Enjoy every minute.

EDIT, of course, if it's an older brother doing this evil deed, then that's acceptable practice[6]


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Oh CMon you guys. I'm a father of 2 great kids and I can tell you, children are a rezeeliant. You guys must not have been teased as children or something.[;)] It helps build character.

My vote stands... Funny as hell.

I know I spelt rezeelient wrong, I could'nt even get it close enough for a spell checker to figure it out, so I spelt it out out how it sounds.[;)]

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What a bunch of sissies we have all collectively become. The poor little kid got scared, boo hoo. Come on. You could hear his older brother laughing in the background. That is exactly what older siblings do to younger siblings. I know I am the youngest in my family. My sisters tortured me and I was tougher/better for it.

Time out instead of a well deserved A$$ whooping. Being a kids friend instead of a parent. Not keeping score at little league games. Every kid gets praised just for participating. No wonder we graduate kids who don't have any competitive skills or a drive to succeed. High school graduates can't add and subtract let alone do algebra.

When kids like him are in their 30s and 40 we will all be in a world of trouble and we will have you coddling types to thank.

I am ashamed of my peer group. You are all way too soft.


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You tell 'em, Rich! My sentiments exactly. Competition is what made America great. I think the "praise" and "understanding" movement has gone way too far.

Kid does drugs. Kick his a$$! Makes a C in school? Could do better. Doesn't win the B-Ball game? Could have been a winner.

Makes something of himself. Great kid!. Got an A? Keep up the hard work. Won the B-ball game? Way to go!

These things are best kept separate, so there's no confusion on what brings rewards vs. punishment.

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