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Bose 901


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Just picked up a pair of 901's series VI from an estate sale for $175.00 with stands and the proper EQ included. Gotta say for the money I'm happy with them for a laid back and warm sound. They don't crank up like Klipsch but are worth 175 all day long.

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That is because the 901`s are "power hogs" Give them around 300 wpc then check um out.

I agree. Although Bose has never published sensitivity figures (as far as I know), based on figures from reviews, I estimated that 100 watts into a Klipschorn would be about the equivalent of somewhere between 1,250 to 2,500 wts into one of the original Bose 901s with equalizer. I've heard them with McIntosh amps rated at 2,000 watts/channel, and they sounded much better than with the typical 100 - 200 watts. I think the three box McIntosh cost about $30,000 at the time, though.

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