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    They went to a great new home, which makes me very happy. And wow, did they sound fantastic set up outside....Several of my neighbors (and the mailman) came over and asked if I was getting ready for a concert.....Well, yes! Now I need a new project.......
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    Klipsch LaScala AL-5 ME. 🙂
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    I had been trying to replace some Speakerlab woofers for months when I saw a post by Mookie . He said he had a pair that I could have just for the shipping cost . Received speakers a few days latter. When I asked for his Pay pal account to pay for shipping he said " just made a charitable donation somewhere & we would both be paying it forward . Now is that cool or what . Kind enough to give the drivers away free but not even recouping shipping blew me away ! THANKS, Mookie
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    Well I did it I purchased the LaScalas II in cherry !! i cant wait to hear them with my mac mc275 tube amp !! review to follow !!
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    Wish we could have had someone taking the pictures of the auction and winners. I am happy everyone thought my watercolor of the Klipschorn was great! I enjoyed painting it and donating it for the museum!
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    Something I have never taken a pic of before, a birthday. Our newest Granddaughter, the first time I have been the room. When our kids were born I was not allowed but times have changed, a C section and I could watch. All I will say is thank goodness for pain blockers, she talked to me the whole time feeling nothing but I could see over the little curtain, she couldn't for obvious reasons.
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    Thought i’d violate my forum ban and let you all know that my brother had successful cancer surgery today. It was an eight hour ordeal; but, they managed to save 1/3 of his Esophagus and tested areas around where they cut out the tumor and they have tested clean. He’s in ICU for a few days, then a week in a regular room. Feeding tube for a month or so ... but alive. Surgeons and hospital staff were top notch! The hospital is a magnet hospital and that clearly is evident in the care he has received. I praise Jesus for answering my prayer and the prayers of many, many others ... some of you included. Thank you. My brother is quite a likable guy and the support has been inspiring -- i’m happy that he’s loved by so many. Praying that the tissues meld together nicely, that there are no leaks, and no infections. Since you were notified of this situation when I found out, i wanted to let you know that the outcome looks great. Alright ... time to go away again. Peace. Steve oh yeah ... i hope you all are doing super good.
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    I'm a longtime Klipsch admirer ever since I heard my 1st pair back in the 80's as a teenager. Like many though, I never really had the funds to own any. Fast forward to about 10yrs ago and I happened upon a set of Heresy's at an estate sale for a hundred bucks and grabbed them. Not the best sounding speaker in the world but at last I was a Klipsch owner and they have served me well. But recently I felt it was time to upgrade. The Heresy's have worked well but I never felt the bottom end was all that good and I'm not a sub-woofer/multi speaker kind of guy so I decided it was time to start looking for something better. So, I went down to the local sound room to check out the latest offerings. They had some nice speakers but everything seemed to be built for multi-speaker setups and the ubiquitous sub-woofer assistance. And what has happened to cabinet materials lately? Everything in the low and mid price band was made from particle board and covered in black vinyl. Just ugly to me. To get anything made of wood required jumping into 2K per speaker and up prices. That wasn't going to work. I decided to see if I could find something on CL that would work and checked out some RF's and some others but nothing really seemed to fit the bill until yesterday I saw a post for some Epic CF-3's. I was like, hmm, these look like they might work but I had never heard of this series of Klipsch before. I talked to a friend of mine who said they were really good speakers and although they had a short run, were some of the their best. So I went and met the seller who was the daughter of the original owner who had passed away. She said these were his babies and took great care of them. They were in great condition but she had no system for me to test them out. And wow, are these things BIG! But something inside me said go for it so I did. After unloading and getting them placed in my room (boy was that a work out!), I put on some vinyl and all I can say is WOW. I don't think I've ever heard a better sounding speaker. I was just blown away with how smooth and low the bottom end was. The bass seemed effortless sounding and so clean. I threw on Rush 2112 to really give the low end a work out and couldn't believe how awesome Neil Peart's drums sounded. I could hear every note of Geddy's bass which in my experience tends to get muddled with the drums on most speakers. I then went to some more vocal heavy material and again, everything was just clean and smooth. Much smoother and softer presence than my Heresy's. And I am running them with completely flat EQ. They didn't need any! I sat there spinning tunes for 3hrs straight as I just listened in awe. Thank you LD2210! Obligatory pics attached next to my Heresy's for context.
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    Two brothers... no names just yet
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    My wife surprised me with an early Father's Day present!
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    In the latter 1990's, I was at a BMW motorcycle rally, had gotten there fairly early...and this young lady rolled in on her F650 and "it seemed loaded for bear"...she set up her tent nearby, and walked over to the table I was at and joined me there....I asked her if she wanted a beer, and went to got one for her...came back, and we chatted for awhile. She had a European accent, and told me she was a massage therapist from Slovenia...her name was Benka Pulko…and she asked me where I was from...so I told her: North West Arkansas...Fort Smith. She told me that she intended to ride in northern Arkansas after the rally. Eventually we got to know more about each other. She was going on a round-the-world trip on her F650! And she was on the North American leg of it, but intended to go to South America next..ALL THE WAY TO ITS TIP...and if she could find somebody WILLING to do it, she intended to catch a ride to ANTARCTICA with her bike! I was totally ENTHRALLED by then! LOL! She said that nobody had ever done Antarctica on a round-the-world trip before and she wanted to do it on hers! TOO FUNNY! Well we partied some and over that rally weekend she made many friends...so we all decided to follow her trip however we could...she gave us the info on how to do it! So, long story short...she completed that round-the-world journey...to include ANTARCTICA! As is normally usual, after someone achieves "celebrity" status, negative things tend to crawl out of the woodwork about them. This also happened to Benka! I'm normally a pretty good judge of character, and can most often pick-up on whether somebody is "full of it" or not...and with Benka, I did NOT get any of those vibes at all! She had a happy and excited way about her...and I enjoyed our short time together!
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    Just hooked my new to me HH Scott tube set (just serviced with new tubes and re-capped) with my recently acquired '72 Klipsch Khorns and holly mother of God this set sounds fantastic! Hooked up my just serviced and with a new stylus Marantz turntable with a clean vinyl copy of Pink Floyd Dark Side and wow just wow! I'm a happy camper tonight!
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    Monday, late afternoon, at the beach.
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    9 week old female AKC GSD
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    Haven't posted many pics in a good while, but Im really proud of this one. River was way high and muddy from all the rain and we missed the peak of the spawn, but we ground it out all day. A little You Tube kids on the water and a little fishing blessed us with 8 fish and he caught his personal best of 2.2 lbs. Cant forget the tough guy shot
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    As I was telling Travis I'm very excited to own these Klipsch LaScala ME AL-5 because I have always loved how the LaScala reproduced music and these will bring me back full circle to were I began with Klipsch Loudspeakers which started for me with new LaScalas I purchased in 1987. When I first saw these very beautiful Klipsch LaScala ME AL-5 they brought to me many good feelings and memories from the past to the present and by my purchase of them it is my way to show my deepest respects for PWK and my good friend Roy. I'm so excited to have a specially tweaked pair of LaScala by Roy..!!! I also asked Travis to please convey how very special it is to me to have all the signatures of the people involved in the building of these very special LaScalas. Through the many Pilgrimages I have been fortunate to meet and talk with several of you who have signed them and it really does mean a lot to me. I also asked Travis to please convey to everyone at Klipsch and the Vendors that my purchase is also to show my deepest respect for how they have shown support for the Klipsch Museum of Audio History and the volunteers who run the Museum please know that I truly respect all that you do and this is one of my ways to join you in your efforts. I also told Travis there is also one other very important person I wanted this to be in honor of and that is my Dad. I fondly remember as a child of about 10yrs watching my Dad (who had taught himself through a electronics course by mail) build a tube amplifier from scratch punching the chassis holes and tweaking it to sound like he wanted and then installing it into a console stereo cabinet he designed and built himself. Watching all of this sparked a life long passion for me in audio and the amplifiers and loudspeakers used to reproduce music. A heart felt thanks to all involved with these Klipsch LaScala ME AL-5. miketn My Dad’s Amplifier
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    For those of you that attended Pilgrimage and met Paul Biglane....you will know it's a true story. Here's what happened to him on the way home from Pilgrimage. You just can't make this stuff up!! Just for the record...Plain Dealing, LA is only 8 miles from the Arkansas border!!!! "top of the day my audiophile friends and klipsch fans. TRUE STORY i left out of the pilgrimage Sunday morning at 3am. running the back highway .i got pulled over in plain dealing by a local cop. he said he pulled me over for speeding took my license asked where was i coming from i told him the klipsch pilgrimage. he walked to his car about 2 minutes later he came back handed me my license and said today is your lucky day he said he use to do sound reinforcement and i have a pair of cornwalls at home..now what is the odds of beating a speeding ticket from a cop who happens to be a klipsch fanatic.. handed me back my license and said there is a state trooper 3 miles up the highway.. yes i said a prayer when I drove off.."
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    I enjoy that is just doesn't sit in the museum waiting for race day.
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    Haha ... sold again This time to a REAL buyer ... he already PayPaled me the money and is picking them up Saturday. Whoopie
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    Here is something you may like but never heard before
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    Son off to senior prom and his posse. This group headed off to Texas A&M this fall. Should I expect disturbing phone calls?
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    Greetings to all. New guy here at the forum. Just picked up a new set of the rosewood special Cornwalls from a vendor in Vegas @ a nice price. Not my first pair of Klipsch loudspeakers, but probably the finest I'll ever own, ever. Beautiful veneer, cabinet construction, and sound oh so sweet. Nothing like a pair of 15" woofers to fill a room imo. Klipsch Heritage....a dying breed, American made. Learning much here and enjoying the photos/threads of classic vintage Klipsch audio equipment.
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    Honey, I listed my Khorns for sale just like you told me to....
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    I think this is going to be my 5000th post. Where's that freakin' toaster
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    KP-201 Bought and cleaned up. Finest set I have ever seen in person. Recapped and they sound REALLY nice.
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    Latest version, finally installed after the bass bin build. Mains are now truly 2 way. Next will the modding the grilles I had to fit these cabs.
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    The one group picture I have. It was a fun weekend.
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    getting ready for coffee and 🔥hot mommies
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    K-Horn bass bins from Escher!
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    Some more from lunch time today..
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    New livestock on the farm. My wife's uncle wanted to give it a shot but needed the space. I've got the space and been wanting to learn, but on someone else's dime to start out.. so here we are.
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    You only need to see a few smiles like this one to remember why we enjoy this hobby! Just fun to help each other out when we can. There are lots of good dudes (and dudettes) out there. Everybody just chooses to talk about the jerks!
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    1971, Van Morrison, Ted Templeman, Ronnie Montrose and a couple other's got together and came up with a lil Tupelo Honey!
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    I am really enjoying Dolby Atmos with the ceiling speakers.This is a barn system, I enjoy it a lot in the winter with a fireplace I have out there. I am colored blind so I painted the speakers with colors that look like something other than gray to me Cheers, Rich
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    Happy Mother's Day to the few ladies/Mom's on the forum💕
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    Which 3 concerts did you attend? I drove over to Houston 4 weeks ago for Sunday eliminations, it was awesome! Brittney repeated her win. Big fan of Force Racing. It had rained hard on Sat but was just beautiful on Sunday, cool and not a cloud in the sky.
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    One of our favorite drives is the Cherohala Skyway. One of the best waterfalls I have seen in the whole area is toward the end of the Skyway, I think it was called Bald river falls, It's pretty big, you can see the people walking on the rocks next to it for size.
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    Hmmmm, time for trivia again? At what venue did Jim Dandy break the tip off of his sword? He only had one sword he used in every show. How and Where also. Carry on! Been a bit busy modifying my mower for the rainy Ohio spring. Think I've got it though!
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    Truckin got my chips cashed in. Keep truckin, like the do-dah man Together, more or less in line, just keep truckin on. 15 years ago today I submitted my first post in the thread below. Appropriately enough it was in the subwoofer forum however it was extolling another manufacturers products. Surprise! I've really enjoyed my time here and have made countless friends. I appreciate the fact that Klipsch gives us this venue and hope to never take it for granted. Here's to the next 15
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    We have a little upstart band.
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    You can see my pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/132760388@N06/7A5807
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    John, did you read post #1? He is selling some CF-3's and simply wants some cheap speaker wire so a Buyer can test them. This would be a good application for some cheap lamp cord.
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    I hear they have a great weight loss program going too. Eco smart they also teach you how to cut back on electricity usage and return to the earth mother simpler way of agrarian life free from all modern conveniences that so ruin the ecosphere. They have also embarked on a methane reduction program where under the advice of AOC they eliminate herbivores from people who just don't understand meat is bad and replace it with stone soup. Bernie etal will no doubt be running cruise ship fundraisers to paradise soon.
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