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    Since weather was kind of crappy and muggy, my wife and I worked upstairs some today. I decided to put the Belle clones on the 15' wide "short wall" and I feel they sound better this way. I ran them on the VTA ST-70 for a little while but it's just too damn warm this time of year. I hooked up my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t which, rebuilt, is right at 140 wpc and it honestly sounds a little better on the Belles. Obviously its 4x the power, too, so it's coasting along pretty good. Moved some other things around but will post those later. But progress. With the tambor doors shut on the Barzillay cabinet. I love this thing and bought it maybe 13 years ago from the same retired Delta airlines pilot I bought the $500 1978 Walnut Klipschorns (that I had to unfortunately sell).
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    My girls, Adelaide and Anabelle. Age 7.5 and 5, respectively.
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    Hello fellow Klipsch lovers. I am your true audio geek, and I wanted to share with you my experiences, especially with the Kilpsch speakers. I bought my first really nice stereo, 46 years ago. A set of BIC Venturi formula Sixes, a Pioneer 838 receiver and a Gerrard Zero 100 turntable. I was in audio bliss for a number of years until I decided to “upgrade”. Well that journey has lasted another 40 years. Bigger speakers, amps, turntables, over and over again. Currently I have a pair of Focal Nova Utopia's, Quad 2805's and a pair of Carver ALS loudspeakers, 3 different sub woofers (good ones), VAC amps, Pass lab amps, great CD player, nice turntable etc. But still with all this gear, I have never enjoyed listening to music as much as I did when I had my old BIC formula Sixes and my Pioneer 838. Well, two months ago, after about 2 years of researching, reading your forum and audio reviews, I took yet another plunge and purchased a pair of Klipsch Cornwall 3's. I can only tell you that I have never enjoyed listening to music more than I have in the last 2 months. Every album or CD I play on these Klipsch's just sounds great!. Smooth, ultra dynamic, clean and most of all, just wonderful. No more does my mind start to think, or analyze or find fault or anything else. I have finally returned to just listening and enjoying the music like I did 46 years ago. The Klipsch speakers just sound great on every piece of music I have and for this, I am so grateful. What an exceptional speaker, these Klipsch's truly are. I have come full circle.
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    Finally, after many months, I will be able to get the dual woofer MWM cabs from the college whete I used to work. They were in a closet inside a classroom. Had th wait for classes to be kut so there could be easy access to the room. Then there was summer term, then camps. Have to get them tmorrow, preparation for students arrival for Fall term... they'll be too busy to get them out of the room. Crazy!
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    They tilt back, since they are a trapezoid shape. Now the LS are in front of the tv with the mwm cabs flanking them. No BS...
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    The current set up-Acurus A2007, Yamaha CX-A5200, Zu Audio cube center, La Scala AL5 fronts, Sonance VP80s x4 in ceiling surround (14 ft floor-ceiling windows-wall mount not feasible) Rhythmic SW. Just replaced an Onkyo TX-RZ800, which I thought sounded good, but dayum what a difference...WOW
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    I like the sense of scale.."Honey, do these MWM's make my LaScalas look fat??"
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    Hope no one minds but I tried to take some pictures that would show off how great Klipsch did with the new design that allows the veneer grain pattern to flow continuesly on the cabinet. This is the right La Scala Right Side Top and Left Side Left Side Back Just like PWK intended 🙂
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    Look what I stumbled across while in the “library." This is my old car (avatar). There have been some changes in the decades since I sold it, but that is the car I built. The slightly offset reverse scoop on the louvered bonnet (hood), seats, seat belts, rocker switch on the transmission tunnel to activate brake lights, wheels, NACA ducts, you get the idea. http://www.jorgediaz.com/web/super_7.htm No flames or counterfeit Lotus badges when I owned it. I suspect the Buick 3.5 L aluminum V8 has been replaced by a four banger. @CECAA850
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    That reminds me of a story . . . but what doesn’t? When I was a single young law school graduate preparing to take the bar exam, my brother-in-law gave me a 73 Bonneville sedan that had kissed a tree. It still ran, but the passenger front door wouldn’t open. As you can imagine, it was quite the chick magnet. I saw an ad in The Detroit Free Press for a Ford Fiesta (poor man’s VW Rabbit) that seemed too good to be true. I was in Grand Haven @BigStewMan on the west side of the state and the Fiesta was on the east side of the state. I called my father—a mechanical engineer—to ask him to check out the car. He called back all excited, saying it looks and drives great. So, I bought the car sight unseen. The dealership gave me $50 for the Pontiac—also sight unseen. As soon as I saw the Fiesta I had concerns. Stevie Wonder would have noticed a repainted front end. A shiny new Panhard rod with the paper tag still on it signaled a problem. The Chevy store had done nothing to the car since taking it in trade, hence the low selling price. As I took my parents out to dinner in my new to me used Fiesta—it was anything but a party—I asked my father if, during the test drive, he’d noticed the Pink Floyd button in the headliner, the burn holes in the seats, or the roaches in the astray. My mother cringed at the mention of roaches, whereupon I explained to her these were not those kind of roaches. The car actually gave me several years of reliable transportation.
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    Wife and I had our first blue crabs of the summer this evening . Took advantage of a local waterman's sale. I steamed them with J..O. Spice # 2 and sweet white corn on the cob (not pictured). Really enjoyed them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just put 32 pounds of bone-in pork butt on the smoker (7:30am) (photos later). Neighborhood party tomorrow outside my place, 4PM. Garage Cornwalls providing the tunes. Everyone in the area of South Bend is invited.
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    Thank you guys...I appreciate it. Definitely nice to have a room for my humble and mediocre setup. Hung some more album art with some frames I made maybe 12 years ago back in Texas. They've been stored at my best friends house for about 10 years now so it's nice to have them back. Also got my pair of Infinity Quantum 3's that I bought from the original owner in Dallas for......one dollar. I can never sell them because of the story behind them. And those Watkins woofers sound fantastic.
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    It's been a LONG time since I've written one of these! Subject: After Action Report for the Oakland County Chapter of the Klipsch Anonymous.. First call @ Zero dark thirty SUCKED! The arrival of Skelt was timely and appreciated although his thermos of hot coffee smelled divine in comparison to my iced down HUGE mugga Diet Dr. Pepper! Arrived at the County Seat of Oakland County, ❌ichigan approx 1.5 hours prior to designated arrival time only to leave the headlights on @ a nearby McDonald's while we ate breakfast. Distress msg sent to host with no response but host was aware I had jumper cables in my vehicle. IF he sent a rescue vehicle it was not seen and is possibly still driving around in Oakland County. Arrived at @DizRotus approximately 5 minutes late after getting a jump from a kind young, Sparty hat wearing, dude who said he had spent 4 years in Columbus, Ohio. An assumption was made that he was a possible Buckeye graduate. An Ohio license plate ANYwhere in the State of ❌ichigan is totally ignored by most residents for some unknown reason. Most Buckeyes when in the State of ❌ichigan are compassionate and understanding. It should be noted that host was wearing a Sparty T-Shirt for some reason. After a cordial welcome by all involved we listened to a few tunes outside on his patio enjoying the sounds and his well-manicured estate. Lunch was served prior to going inside to listen to his main system. Sounded fantastic! Traveled to @ClaudeJ1 place w/host #1 safely. A mere folding chair on his porch was the designated smoking area which was the perfect option after about 30 minutes of listening to his system. A great spot to smoke, catch your breath, and to let your Central Nervous System un-wind! Yes, UN-WIND! Perhaps the host knew the chair would be needed. BOTH hosts were fantastic and know their Schiit! Summation: The "Buckeye" invasion was well received by all members of the group! The hosts were amazing! The other members of the chapter were cordial and time spent was refreshing! In all, one heck of a day with a group of guys I truly enjoyed spending time with. I look forward to the next meeting of the chapter and learning more about you all! Great time guys and enjoyed it more than you know! Recommendation: Eliminate ALL full-body massage requests. Subjects could lean on the interior or exterior walls of @ClaudeJ1 's residence and have the same experience. A fantastic foot massage is continuous inside. Hearing protection is recommended! Operator is SOOOO NOT RIGHT! 😂 😎
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    My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
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    And the 18 wheelers on the way to Hope weren't much fun either. Hot/humid here. Took the Bubble out early...top down of course. Went and picked up egg plant parmigiana for tonight as LF is still away. Just chillin rest of the day. Skipped cock tails last night so got to get back on track.
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    This album is in my top 5 favourites And the title song is in my top 3 favourites Truely a great album I have 2 copies The 1972 First press Australian release SD-7244 However this spin is of the 1976 Japan pressing on Atlantic P-10116A Artist - Yes Title - Close To The Edge
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    Actually yesterday. One owner 2000 Acura with ZERO rust, due to spending winters in Nevada (hence the dark tint to block desert sun). But for the passenger front door power lock, everything works. The car is tight, despite 109K on the odometer. The car has leather and every other option Acura offered. The 3.2 Honda lump purrs until you mash it. I got drafted into helping our 29 y.o. son’s significant other buy a car with a $2,500 budget. Locking up this car for under $3K was a miracle. In this market, if you’re not the first responder with cash in hand, the good deals get away. The young woman in question was despondent over losing out on a Buick that seemed to be a good deal. She would text me links to listings, which required me to drop everything to race , cash in hand, to kiss frogs. Had she gotten that car, this fantastic opportunity would not have been realized. This car was posted on Craigslist on Friday July 27. A kid and his mother saw it on Friday afternoon and put down $300 with a promise to return Saturday by 5pm with the rest of the cash. We saw the car Saturday morning only to learn that it was “sold.” I asked the seller to call me if the deal fell through. The kid failed to show on Saturday, asked for more time, and wanted to know if a money order would be OK. After exchanging several texts Saturday evening and yesterday morning, the seller asked how quickly I could be there with the cash. Less than an hour later the excellent car was parked in my son’s driveway. We surprised her when she returned from yoga. It was fun, but, best of all, no more tire kicking.
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    I bought Reefer Madness on DVD a few years ago. Included was the original B&W version, plus a colourized version. That was even funnier. The men’s sport coats were pastel coloured, which gave them a bit of a pimp look, but funnier still was the smoke. The exhaled pot smoke was pastel pink, lavender, or green. I wish the original makers could have seen that version.
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    Linda Ronstat, bet that half-speed is smooth sounding! & a good trumpeter through Khorns... it's been so long that if I did not have the K-55V/K700 in the Supers I could not imagine how that experience would be. Good Stuff.
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    Ok...Sorry. It must have been the single malt...won't happen again... Let me throw a red octopus on the vinyl alter for atonement. Jefferson Starship - Red Octopus. 1975
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    Some photos of Carl's vacation.
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    Woke up to an ocean view as we're on vacation. Just got from an hour long beach walk. Had martinis on the patio last night. Cheers all.
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    Went to the Dallas World Aquarium with the family this morning as part of a celebration day (11th wedding anniversary). Made a total n00b error and somehow had my EV comp dial set such that everything was shot at ISO 12800 for nearly the entire trip. Nothing totally ruined, but it made for some funky colors and lots of grain, so I applied some quick vintage color profiles in an effort to salvage the overall presentation of the shots. Many shots on my photostream, a few presented below: https://www.flickr.com/photos/97847060@N07/
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    A neighborhood walk. Nature's perfection.
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    A few pics. Great turnout of about 45 folks total. Beautiful weather, great food, great music from the garage Super Cornwalls and an old Def Tech sub. 32 lbs before hitting the smoker yielded approx. 24 lbs. More than enough for the gathering.
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    Well, my fellow Klipsheads just left. I'm sure their hearing will recover soon , but the younger ones will can no longer bear children. I think we were hitting 124 db peaks in the Sub Bass regions, with the "Flight of the Phoenix" plane crash. This should eventually reach 130 db peaks when I'm done building my Super Tapped horn Sub, which was still in pieces when they arrived. Thanks to DizRotus for organizing this event. Hope everyone had fun. I know I did. Looking forward to the next one.
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    i just went and picked up some BBQ ... haven’t had it in a minute and got a craving. Sorry the place said it’s Texas BBQ not NC. I was wearing my Raiders shirt and of course the guy working there was a Bronco fan. I told him i’d save my Bronco comments until AFTER i got my food. But, this lady sitting at a table was giving me the “thumbs up” and then asked where i got my shirt from. I will have a cocktail or three today since it’s my birthday. got a ton of texts; but, spending the day at home. Got a bottle of good Tequila and a lot of music ... one of the these days, i’ll unpack a guitar and make some new music ... but, not today. too many items in the way of the walk in closet where they’re stored ... guess i didn’t understand that a walk in closet is supposed to be able to be walked into. The things that single guys can get away with! Enjoy your day ... sorry about the humidity ... I got 90 degrees out here; but, it’s definitely not the oppressive type like you’re getting.
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    I'll start. Top to bottom, this is a pretty stunning performance by a wide range of top tier musicians.
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    Spent a lil time this afternoon doin the cable thing. I've been using BJC inter-connects all along and have had a pair of their 12 white cables w/the locking banana plugs laying here for a couple months so figured it was time. That's about as esoteric as I'm ever going to get w/cables and so far things sound cleaner from my LS. Nope, not debating just wanted ya'll to know I WAS being productive! Just chillin and listening..
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    I’m afraid to ask what that is, it’s getting stranger and stranger around here. Going home in the AM, can’t wait, in Orlando right now it will be 9.5 hours from here. It’s been raining all day here, went to the pool bar and had some drinks and ate something kind of in the rain then the pool, to get wetter. Dried off and it got a little brighter right before the sun set and I took this from the balcony, still raining.
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    Like the Pinko Floyd song, Wish you were here. Palm Beach, Singer Island
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    I don't have Greg's mods, but I built my own 2" tractric wood horns, and the difference is amazing. Really opened up the sound.
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    My favorite Bad Co. record, maybe because the others were over played on FM back then. Maybe I like Bob Dylan more than I'll admit... Paul sings a lot like him on a couple tunes here.
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    And I enjoy seeing the blue cheese stuffed olive at the bottom of my Martini.
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