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  1. Dave, in all of the AA's that I have rehabbed I have never seen that. Following.
  2. Yes, fully restored. I have two, and they are really good with just about any preamp, but also on their own with their adjustable gain pots. The MC250 was Mac's early SS amp, and was voiced to have bit of a tube character, but with quality SS power behind it. Very smooth character.
  3. Highly doubtful those crossovers were built by Hope, Bob, or that other entity. A few better close up photos would be good. Raise the top hats about the height of a milk crate and you will have a much better appreciation of how good they can sound.
  4. jimjimbo


    Hey Chris @Westcoastdrums LOL Hope you've found a good spot to sell them. LOL
  5. You definitely SHOULD oil the wood, using Watco Rejuvenating Oil. That is not considered a "modification" by any stretch.
  6. Tapping into the idle terminal you describe is a long shot. Fiber is very expensive and fragile, and needs to be properly installed in the ground. Good luck.
  7. K43 - $250 per pair plus shipping Located South Bend, IN area. SERIOUS INTEREST ONLY - PM me for photos and more info
  8. Agree that packing sand is a good choice.
  9. Sure they did. It's always someone else's mistake.
  10. Where? Many better places to ask for "tips" about travel than on a speaker forum. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g2-Asia-Vacations.html https://www.fodors.com/world/asia
  11. Certainly Dave A or Michael Crites should be able to assist you. @Dave A https://critesspeakers.com/
  12. Excellent condition walnut $1000 to $1200.
  13. Agree with most all of the above, except a little nit. How are they going to "sound like crap", unless they are run off a phone or have some other physical/electrical defect, or in an airplane hangar....... If so, well, that's a problem. Cosmetics are about 75% of the game these days in vintage resale. (sorry to you naysayers)......everything else is easily fixable. Not cheap, but fixable.
  14. I am very familiar with that gorgeous Marantz amp, and personally own one. If you have the room and the budget, I would highly recommend pairing it with La Scalas, Belles, or Klipschorns.
  15. Highly recommend you contact Crites for crossover upgrades or complete replacements, which sound great. Top of the line customer service for many years. https://critesspeakers.com/
  16. How exactly do you know that they are "mint" from one photo of the front? You don't. Please stop offering your misinformed conjecture at every turn.
  17. I would NOT use Restore A Finish on lacquer. Get a quote from a furniture refinisher local to you.
  18. Thanks for posting that you are in Australia. Since these are fairly rare in Australia, they would command a somewhat higher price than in the US, particularly if the cosmetics are as good as they appear in the photo. And yes, it is normal for the "guts" to be exposed at the back.
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