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  1. I know you've all been waiting. The latest offering from Heilung.
  2. Many over at AVS use Seymour screens for DIY projects. Scroll down the page to DIY Fabrics for pricing. http://seymourav.com/store.php
  3. Yes, one with 10 foot ceilings too.
  4. Didn't check the price, though it aint the low end show, that's for sure.😀
  5. Been listening to some demo vids from the Munich high end show as of late and landed on this vid. But where to share it on this forum. I guess here will do. Look at them horns, look at all those drivers. That is quite a build.
  6. Chris Stapelton, Death Row.
  7. Congrats on getting a house for your Epics. Always fun to test out different amps with a friend too.
  8. Pandora Cruising. A first time listen. Me Likey. Bill Frisell, Nature's Symphony.
  9. Hey Larry... Coryell that is. No More Booze.
  10. Did some youtube pursuing, not much vids on stuck cannonballs.😃 Found several on balls stuck in black powder rifles. One used a long drill bit he got at Lowes, put it down the barrel and used it break the ball apart. Another, added some grains of gunpowder behind the ball, ignited it and blasted it out. The gunpowder idea, sounds Cool. If you do that, you must set up a camera and record the event, from a safe distance of course.👍
  11. Was cruising Tidal last night and landed on this. Just a little something to wake ones subs from sleep mode with some nice smooth bass lines.
  12. What is your experience in comparing them to the original?
  13. What horn drivers did you get?
  14. Hey Dave, that was a great song, loved the guitar work. She still got it. 👍 Dug the next song too. Just an interesting factoid, the girl is from Ireland and speaks as such. You wouldn't think that when listening though.
  15. I first saw this singer on Late Night with Jools quite a few years ago. Imelda May. here, with Jeff Beck.
  16. Shiva

    What I Got Today!

    LOl, Excellent. That package sounds Stellar.👍 Try to keep it under 200mph.
  17. I guess, we'll just have to take your word for that.😃 A very impressive room and front stage. Love the single recliner, time for immersion. 👍
  18. Its a sad day when one runs out of filters and I agree, not a fan of sediment in my coffee. Luckily it does fall to the bottom somewhat. I'm an unbleached filter fan myself. if I ordered these off of Amazon Prime this morning, they would arrive later today. That's impressive. don't know about where you are however? https://www.amazon.com/Basket-Coffee-Filters-Natural-Unbleached/dp/B07MLYHRQ9/ref=sr_1_5?crid=37S7NG2RE59CX&keywords=unbleached+coffee+filters+8-12+cup&qid=1654090724&sprefix=unbleached+coffee%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-5
  19. The sound of a home made Contrabass flute. To my ears, Excellent!
  20. a shot from this morning. Coffee on Deck.
  21. I'm thinking a description such as yours, deserves a pic from the porch.
  22. Seems like a nice package deal for someone in the area, with the room of course. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649795844-danley-dts-10-sub-crown-k2-amp-analysis-plus-oval-9-cable/
  23. Nord is another company making Class D amps. Here, a pair of monos on USaudiomart. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649859835-nord-acoustics-nc500mb-monoblock-amplifiers/
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