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  1. I have a McIntosh MA 2275 integrated tube preamp/amp I can bring to hook up if we would like to listen to it
  2. Very nice!!! Love the crossovers too!!
  3. I was thinking the same thing. The only question is, how do you hook this up? With two centers, using two amp channels and an RCA splitter to feed them makes the best sense. The loss in signal from the RCA split would be made up by doubling the center speaker. This configuration would only work with pre-pro, and not with a regular receiver. If you have a regular receiver, then I'm not sure how you would hook it up. The impedance would be screwed up, and I'm not sure what wiring serial/parallel using speakers with networks does to impedance anyway. What we did was just to come out of the AVR with one speaker wire, split it into two and put those wires into the two LS speakers. Not perfectly ideal of course, but it sounds amazing!! Ideally we would want to take the signal out of preamp into a separate amp and split the RCA into two going into the two amp channels and then each speaker gets its own amp. But for now it sounds amazing!!!
  4. Been a while since I've posted... My son and I, Me Loves Hereseys, moved some of our speakers around. He now has my Khorns up front for his room and we took our 2 LaScalas and put them on side and put tv on top of it. Now Heresy's do back duty. We have only had it hooked up for a short time, but it sounds amazing!!! The sound from the front with 2 Khorns and LS's singing from the front, is simple perfection!!!!
  5. I am glad you guys are ok. I have been thinking of you through this storm. Hang in there, and it's good to see one of our own helping others out so much.
  6. I use a JL Audio f113 with my Jubs. Have been happy with it.
  7. I wish you the very best of strength and stamina Dean. You are one of the nicest brightest men I know. I will keep you in my prayers brother.
  8. I too just saw this. Will be praying for you Dean. And have sent some money your way too. This truly is a brotherhood of friends.
  9. That is an amazing gift indeed!!! I am thinking about the Panny plasma myself.
  10. I love how deep my Forte II's dig on my 2 channel set up. I still think it is one of the best speakers I have ever heard!
  11. Great looking system! Welcome to the forum!
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