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  1. Since I have a pacemaker and cannot be within 2 feet of a magnetic source, I'd have to load lp's at arm's length and hope my pacer doesn't stop working!
  2. kevinmi


    You mean you guys don't have a few of these laying around in your basement? Shame on you!
  3. Boycotting Amazon in support of the employees.
  4. We still have an active drive in in Flint.
  5. I have a pair of original Model 7's in working order if you need to do a hearing comparison.
  6. This is a little off topic, but an interesting tidbit about freedom of speech in the workplace. I spent the last 24 years as a UAW represented employee at General Motors. When there were arguments between workers and management, the Union would always caution the worker on wording. If you called your supervisor an idiot, you could be disciplined. If you said I think your an idiot, they couldn't touch you because you were merely stating an opinion.
  7. When I ripped up the carpet in my 75 year old home, I found wires also. Turned out to be from an old alarm system.
  8. Sounds good, Hopefully I can get @mopardave and @Escher to come along for the ride.
  9. You can pencil me in. I can pick up other members and we can ride down together if anyone wants to share a ride in my big 'ol 4 door Caddy!
  10. I'm sure the stains on the veneer add to the price!
  11. I don't see a problem with it as long as there is a sufficient gap in between cycles. Never turn off and turn back on a tube system. Allow for ample cool time between cycles, usually a half hour is fine. Also remember it takes time for a tube to warm up and sound its best after turning on.
  12. My systems are completely different, as in I'm all about analog and the simplest pathway to the music. No room correction, active crossovers or anything else in the way of the signal path.All tube amplification. 2 channel only. I don't even use subwoofers, even though I have them. It should be interesting to see how different people use different approaches to get the sound they desire. There is no right or wrong in this hobby, just a bazillion different paths to travel. Aug. 10 works for me also, plus I'm open for more dates. Maybe split the metro Detroit locations for one day, and the further north for another?
  13. I celebrate every day that I wake up on the right side of the ground!
  14. I'll take these if still available: The Cars-The Cars The Cars-Candy-O Faces-Nod is as god as a wink Argent-In deep
  15. They gotta live somewhere!
  16. I've pretty much stopped buying gear myself, but sometimes I'll buy new tubes or a pair of crossovers. I'm tweaking and spending my money on vinyl reissues.I do have a pair of custom K-Horns waiting to be built in the barn...
  17. I'm using BMS 4592 mid drivers and Selenium D220 ti tweets. Woofers are Crites cast.https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/113765-finally-done-210hz-kevhorns-pics-added-1-30/?hl=kevhorns
  18. My 2 systems only play cd's and vinyl. If you want to hear digital, you have to bring your own hardware. You are welcome to bring your favorites along, or ask ahead of time and see if I have them already. Anyone is invited to stop by anytime individually also-no need to wait for a caravan!
  19. I'd like to say that my life is so interesting that I'm booked for the entire month. Reality of it is I can mow the lawn any day.
  20. I'm retired, so you guys with job schedules to work around will have to figure out what works best for you. I'm only available Mon thru Fri and on weekends.
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