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  1. And the best part is...they aren't in Oiled Oak! ha Not mine...no affiliation. Has many good pics on page; a pic for posterity. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/greenbrier-klipsch-epic-cf-4-series-1/7186658271.html
  2. I probably won't change from the A-55G driver for the mid. I guess it will all depend on the end results.
  3. That baffle is just screaming.... " I need a better midrange horn!" lol Can the entire baffle come off and just make a new one? That way, you can always put them back to stock and sell them if you're so inclined.
  4. I built a pair of Klipsch Belle inspired clones out of Baltic Birch but I don't have another pair to compare against...which would be quite tough.
  5. My Belle clones just might need to evolve to another level here potentially!
  6. Yeah, I guess I should've clarified that. It would have to ne an ESR meter. My Fluke won't read them so I have to settle for lifting a leg.
  7. You have to lift at least one leg of the caps or resistors to give an accurate reading. Otherwise, you're reading them in circuit.
  8. These have been listed on e b a y for $1500. Will be interested to see how that pans out.
  9. I remember back in 2005 when I went to Goodwill in Denton, TX on New Years Eve, I believe, where the parking lot was literally PACKED with stuff. I spotted a pair of 1978 unfinished birch Heresy's and quickly told a guy I wanted to buy those now. So, he rushed them inside and priced "those homemade speakers" for $10 a pair. Sold.
  10. Oh, I get that...didn't mean to imply for them to take off and go. For someone fairly local, it's a great deal depending on how the rest of the cabinets look. Kind of looks like those cups for the grills were taken out and lost and velcro added. Maybe they had the fronts off as that's how you get to the screws to take the front baffle off. Who knows...
  11. I'd still pay $350 for them...mainly because they aren't oak. lol Doesn't matter which version for that price.
  12. I built this amp from kit form and used the upgrade Russian PIO capacitors, front gain control, and used two taps off the output transformers for use of 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers. This has been a great amp and may have 40 hours on it at that. I also went for the upgrade 6550 output tubes and this amp can run many variations as the bias is easy to adjust with a DMM. I'm just not using it enough and have bought other things I use more so it needs to go to someone that can enjoy it. It's conservatively rated at 35 watts per channel but always seems to test higher. I believe I have a couple of spare GZ34 rectifier tubes that will be included with it. New and assembled, this amp would be close to $1,500 shipped. I had it paired up with more higher efficiency horn speakers which is where tube amps really shine but it also sounded very good on standard speakers. Asking $900 and pick up in Searcy at the local police station parking lot. Yes, I can ship this amplifier no problem but be warned that it is heavy and would need some good supplies to ship it safely. But that is an option. Please let me know if any questions.
  13. 220, 221....whatever it takes. (goes with a movie)
  14. I'm assuming yours is still spinning the entire cycle when it's drying right? We had a Whirlpool fail at 1.5 years of age and the Lowes warranty deal bought us a new one as the repair guys claimed it was beyond economical repair. On ours, the motor would get hot and a protection circuit would shut off the motor but keep counting down. So, it ran for 8 minutes, shut off for 14, ran for 8 minutes, shut off for 14, etc.
  15. So has the control interface gotten an better? Can you work it more like Spotify does it yet where the phone app can control the desktop app? What about saving artists and actually being able to go to the artist to see their discography of the ones you saved? Those were the kickers for me as to why I dropped Amazon HD music.
  16. When I worked at a high end home audio store in Tulsa back in the early 1990's, whenever new speakers came in, they would put them in the back room face to face and wired out of phase. Then, they would play them for the weekend at fairly loud volume, but, you hardly heard them. By Monday, they were a whole lot better.
  17. I'd personally rather have those Mahogany CF-3's sitting beside the KLF-30.
  18. Seems like building them from scratch then dishing out what it costs for K-510 and, even pricier, the K-402's (and drivers) then having to bi-amp, get a crossover, tinker, tune, etc., etc., would start putting you in the ball park for newer LS II's somewhere. Building a set of regular version LS's would be a tad easier as most of the parts are accessible in some fashion. I build a pair of Belle inspired clones that are true to the "design" and use new OEM Klipsch K-33 woofers and OEM K-500 mid horns but then have Crites mids and tweeters. They look and sound great and I don't really care about resale value anyway. Prices of used LS's are all over the place now. Just like the rest of them.
  19. Still for sale. I've had some people in various places express interest but nothing concrete. Come and get 'em!
  20. I agree with this 100%
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