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  1. Are you looking for an avr with or without built in amps ?
  2. Would any of the cheaper Goldwood drivers work temporarily for the pies ?
  3. Here they are 252 headphone and 713 headphone Link https://essspeakers.store/collections/headphones/products/2-for-99-headphone-bundle?_kx=u5sdkmvhz8FXJellUMmLEWqznM-tUlyiuZR_zxkLjaU%3D.TmfZ4c
  4. Does he still need any headphones? I just bought some of those ESS Labs headphones and I don’t need two sets of these wires HP
  5. I have a pair of the first version he made with the b&c 120 drivers Message me if Dave is unable to help you. I’m not going to steep on his toes no matter the price
  6. Not to sure about the answer other then the midrange on the Cornwall’s do most of the work in those speakers, as Paul always said, we live in a midrange world.
  7. How well would these work with the klipsch k-510 horns ? I has thinking of setting the pies up just like you’ve done, now I know it works well. The room is like to build the pies for is 13’ wide and 26’ long
  8. I’m having a airhead minute here. Do you have any photos or other info of what your looking for ? I have tons of spare parts that I do t even know what they are and really want to help. What are those two parts from or for ?
  9. Are you saying that all the audio sound is coming from the right output of your preamp?
  10. Bill I hope you guys can make this work, and thanks for the kind words. My friends are first , way before money.
  11. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/209226-heresys-birch-raw-in-central-fl-62500-local-pickupdelivery/
  12. You should check out bills. His are in much better shape then mine, one of mine has some deep scratches on the top of one of them
  13. What do you mean ( no stain color ) Bill has a set of near mint H1’s for 650 And I have a set of H1’s for 450 as one has scratches on the top of one Both of use are in central Florida
  14. Price and pics would be a good thing
  15. What I’ve done over the years with building race cars and show cars and refurbishment of speakers. Get yourself craft paper and blue painters tap and a very good razor knife. And make templates for the insides and the transfer these to your veneers. Then you should have a exact duplicates of what you’re going to need When you do it like this, your able to use as many cuts of paper and tape to get the exact fit
  16. I can’t believe these have not sold. The market is a screw up of a mess right now
  17. Wouldn’t I be able to reuse the old boards?
  18. Not sure if I’m In the right post I just bought a set of Cornwall’s 1’s from Emile They have the cane grills and I need to find some new replacements for them And help would be great. Thanks Carl
  19. I have 5 heresy’s, and one pair I’d like to use it as a test set and these parts would work out great. This way I won’t have to cut up and of the original parts
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