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  1. If I can ask, Why are you selling them ?
  2. Emile. I have a few Dayton dsp units, not the HD models. When I come over I’ll bri g what I have for you to try out
  3. Here’s my late Abby and our rabbit shadow
  4. Emile I should be able to drive out your way in about 2 or 3 weeks to pick up the horns. Can’t wait
  5. Great price for them. Been looking for a pair in that price range, but here in Florida that’s not going to happen.
  6. Ask Dave A if he could CNC something to work for you
  7. Dave A. It’s so funny that people question your questions. Lol This is why I’ve pretty much stopped asking questions on the forums, people can’t give a straight answer ( like our politicians) Wish I could help you out but it’s over my level of knowledge
  8. I have a stash of those, i have not tried them out yet, thanks for your take on them. I’ll have to give them a try now
  9. Great skills there, I’d love a set of those.
  10. carlthess40


    Those are some bad a€€ drivers
  11. Like I said , I used to use them and I don’t think they would be any good for HT or even a 2 channel setup in your home. They need a ton of room to play in. And tons of clean power. I had a rehearsal warehouse with two of them. The first unit was 24’x24’ And a year later moved into a much larger space of about 2000sf. That’s when they started to really show just how loud they could get.
  12. Use a cotton wash rag and a iron Put the dry cotton rag on the spot, turn the iron on high cotton ( NO STEAM) and move the iron back and forth. The heat will let the glues and rubbers to soften and the cotton rag will wick it up. Then use steel wool on the wood and use a sealer or what ever product you would use on your wood speakers
  13. Great horns and subs from JBL Not to sure of the prices, your the only one that say if they are worth the asking price, but I would try to work the prices down.
  14. Wow. This so great, I’m very happy that these will be staying here in the states Enjoy them as you would a new born baby
  15. I used those back in the late 70’s and 80’s. We called the Scoops. I had soundstream 18” in them and they had more output and lower hz then CV drivers, but with the factory drivers or the soundstream drivers, SQ was not any good. They are more for just flat out spl
  16. I have my truck all serviced up and my gps mapped out to Hope Ak. Even if I don’t win, I know the money is going to something I hold deep in my heart and soul. PWK started me on this crazy dreamboat of audio heaven. I wonder how I’d be if I never bumped into that tall slender man back in the mid 70’s .
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