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  1. The Yamaha A-S 1200 is a perfect fit with the Cornwall IV , numerous Cornwall IV owners use the A-S1200 or A-S2200 with the best of results https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s1200/index.html
  2. the capacitors in your 49 years old crossovers are pretty worn out , the muffled sound may indicate a bad /defective capacitor or a worn out diaphragm in the HF drivers -1st step , check all the connections in the bad speaker to make sure nothing has loosened -2nd step , take an ohmmeter and check the resistance for the tweeter + midrange driver , tweeter is 8 Ohms , the midrange driver is 16 Ohms . -if all is fine , 3rd step , .contact @JEM Performance they sell klipsch capacitor kits to restore you networks back to klipsch specs . https://jemperformanceaudio.com/capacitor-kits
  3. your current speakers may not be Dolby Atmos compatible . -you would have to replace the receiver and purchase this Atmos system from klipsch or check out the klipsch Atmos speakers page and build your own klipsch Atmos system . https://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-cinema-system-5-1-4-with-dolby-atmos https://www.klipsch.com/search?prod_KLIPSCH_PRODUCTS[query]=atmo
  4. I checked the specs of the Denon AVR-4520CL , the Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.05% 2ch Drive) 150 W , you're saying the amp is loud enough with all your speakers at 25% , the receiver has plenty of power as-is , you're all set
  5. overall , you're ok , you may benefit from a better center , but that's about it ,
  6. 1982 Heresy 1 .....please post the description starting with H...... at the top of the tag to identify the type of veneer , teak is TO or TL
  7. the Mylar were only made by klipsch , klipsch ran out of these long ago , you can buy FF from PE in various sizes https://www.parts-express.com/Ferrofluid-900uL-General-Purpose-for-4-Diameter-V.C.-340-546?quantity=1 - the klipsch Ti diaphragm is part # 127123 - K-792/103-TI DIAPH. KIT , standard equipment , Heresy IV , CW IV ,Forte IV etc , 35 $ from klipsch ,
  8. what kind of amplification are you using , do you have 8+4 Ohms taps , if you do , switch them around .
  9. there 's a Canadian EE in Ontario who has a lot of experience building SET amps with the Russian 6C33C-B power tubes , with 4 tubes , his base model SET amplifier delivers 12 wpc although it sounds like a 4x more powerful tube amp , he also builds custom designs email fluxion.biz@gmail.com
  10. the mylar dome diaphragm in the above picture has 3 terminals instead of 2 , klipsch did manufacture a mylar diaphragm for a short period of time , it was an advanced design with Ferro-fluid in the magnet gap to cool the diaphragm 's VC , without FF , the diaphragms did not sound as good + durability was lowered . - if all your KP-102 speakers have the same mylar diaphragm, it is crucial to clean the VC gap to remove any residues and to top up with FF for optimal sound quality .
  11. are your Cornwall crossovers all original from 1975 ?
  12. the P audio driver is a 20$ driver wholesale , I doubt anyone would even care to discuss such a cheap quality driver
  13. 1993 KG 2.2 keep the speakers in a vented place
  14. 1 simulation cannot reflect all the Lascalas since 1963 , it's a bit more complicated than that
  15. water flooding is never a good thing , try to do a factory reset of the speakers . if the reset works , great , if it does not , the amp may have sustained damage https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/13916396466324
  16. based on the serial # , you have 2 non-consecutive serial numbers for klipsch speakers Made in 1981 at the klipsch Hope Arkansas plant , as for the model of the speakers , please post a picture of the tags at the rear of the speakers , or write the information that you see .
  17. these are 1979 Lascala , the items that will require a refresh are the capacitors of the crossovers . -take some time to test the drivers , tweeters are 8 Ohms , the mids K-55V are 16 Ohms , the woofers are 4 Ohms -assuming the drivers are in good working order , you should clean the voice coil gap of the HF drivers as a minimum -the value of the speakers is about 1500$ if all drivers are operational , the rarer parts are the klipsch copper badges , so make sure not to lose them or damage them during transit .
  18. supply issues affect all brands these days , nothing anyone can do about it
  19. OO1


    the Lions coach and players have not been fined by the NFL
  20. 1 inch MDF panels all around is more than enough to eliminate any remote possibility of resonance from an AL-5 wood cabinet , this thread is about a bad recording with noise the OP 's issue has nothing to do with the cabinet of the AL-5 ......0
  21. 1 inch MDF with the AL-5 = 0 resonance , klipsch can back it up 100% , no BS - if you have a lousy room or a lousy recording , dont blame the LS-AL-5 -LSI , blame yourself for using a crappy sound track in a lousy room using top of the line klipsch speakers
  22. you're right , I checked online , the K-401 horns are showing : Qty In Stock:Out of stock
  23. surprise for you , the old parts were better quality than the aftermarkets you purchased , oooops
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