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  1. It wont damage them if the distortion is in the recording. The tweeters are merely faithfully reproducing the recording. What gets damaged is your psyche. crappy recording - who made the recording -
  2. Howz about now? No time like the present. he must be very far to get these - and that goes for me as well -
  3. OO1


    good luck Francis - you gotta get these
  4. super nice speakers - no fixing , no sanding - no painting - beautiful -
  5. Ha! I was wondering if saying that would be "going there." Frankly, I don't know how else you respond to that. Many people seeking a way to lose weight are looking for magic pills. There aren't any. Ooops! Just went there again. Once upon a time I fully believed things were that simple and was quite the jackass about it. And to some extent, it was that simple. I used to work with the head dietitian of a large hospital to devise weight loss plans. But, we were largely dealing with mostly healthy and able bodied 30 year olds who simply chose to eat ice cream and drink a coke for breakfast, sometimes repeating that four times a day. But, mix in an injured back and the inability to sleep properly, and things get a little more complex. If it were a stupid simple formula that only required dedication I'm pretty sure I would have mastered it by now. But hey, thanks for the bits of wisdom, I'm kicking myself for having never thought of such things before. I think that if you were training - ice cream and a coke as fuel would have been digested - but not exercising means a sleep disorder -as it keeps you awake - -plus the prospect of type 2 diabetes -enjoy
  6. bring your own parachute - these planes are 70 years old
  7. for sure - 2 woofers - 2 horns -2 drivers - 1 crossover -
  8. just call your snap-on dealer in the area - have him come by- tell him your issue - he must have the tools to torque these down -my dealer does this for a small contribution - 50$ -and I am also in the neck of the woods -
  9. extremely unique - good luck -very nice - I cant imagine these being better than khorns - but they are a very cool design -very different
  10. aaaand... he went there. Guess I need to give swimming a shot. Kinda sucks though, the closest indoor pool from work is like 20 minutes in the opposite direction from home. Adds like 40 minutes of driving every time I want to swim unless it is summertime. I've never actually practiced in a pool, used to swim in open water on the weekends. an outdoor pool will do , forget driving - you can do this at home to unwind with a couple of beers -just go to Walmart and buy a cheap pool -4 feet of water is enough -
  11. -avoid running and weights - it is summer so take sun baths -- -swimming in a deep pool helps with scoliosis for flexibility to the joints -cardio - toning while stretching and elongating the muscles - - muscle tone will come back as calories are burnt and weight will drop - you can do cycling - pedalling movements while staying OFF of the seat in bursts -work the shoulders - this will strengthen the lower back and abs muscles -
  12. they are very hungry and they know humans have food - so they get close hoping for a meal
  13. the k-horn is that big in proportion to a Scala - and the much smaller Cornwall next to the minute Heresy - I would have liked to see a Jubilee added to the picture -
  14. very odd design , the grille is definitely homemade brew -
  15. The Cornwall will fit very good with the scala - as they share the same components - k33-k55-k77 - the midrange horn is a 600htz for the CW and 400htz for the Scala -the CW will have a reaching bass but not the chest pounding of the Chorus 2 due to the k48 woofer - these are the subbtle differences , more mids on the scala - less bass / more bass on the CW , less mids -
  16. you could have re-used 3 bolts -you can make a jig to test the bolts with a block or bracket - if the torque wrench hits 400lbs - the bolt and nut is fine -lock tite is up to you but if it makes you feel safer - why not -
  17. what are the components in these Super Heresy apart from a k42 and B networks - in this instance , since you are changing caps - E networks would also work or not
  18. 60$ aint bad for a scala BASS BIN and the load of horns , woofers - looks are ugly . but who knows what it sounds like -
  19. keep them they look good as they are -that is my vote
  20. it is a bit funny , you mean , that the shipper just happened to have a spare woofer laying around -
  21. the same happened to me with shipping a k42kp woofer on ebay - the woofer magnet sustained a knock -the box was evidently very badly packaged with no padding - yep - some people just dont package correctly and dont bubble wrap - -sad to hear this - hopefully - the cabinets are ok -
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