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  1. we used to throw tube amps in the containers , obsolete technology , the BGW 750 amplifiers were by then so reliable in the sound industry , no one ever looked back -
  2. that's exactly what these amps are for -Pro speakers - heavy punching bass , rock-metal - the warranty covers shipping both ways with insurance /no hassle warranty , top notch all the way - you dont have the right box , they'll send you one specifically for the amp by Fedex Free of charge -
  3. I am not sure that they would share that information , unless you owned the speaker , and even then , they may , or they may not - the schematic is proprietary information nonetheless , it's not public information like a Brochure or a specs sheet
  4. Deals on these amps at Crown as we speak ----XLI 800 295$ -XLI 1500 365$ -XLI 2500 479$ -- -BUY directly from Crown , the warranty is exceptional , last time , I sent an amp in for repair , the unit they send me back was brand new - https://www.crownaudio.com/en/products/xli-2500
  5. this cartridge was designed for quadraphonic sound , so the overall sound dynamics are reproduced - to beat a M97xe , that's very impressive
  6. 200lbs , piece of cake , cheaper than making one ,
  7. these AT14S phono cartridges were made in Japan , so high quality , it features a Shibata stylus which could track more weight and is optimal for high frequency tracking so more HF detail in the recorded sound up to 20khz-
  8. the letter T is 1979 / AA network-k55V -K77M-K33-LS-BR /raw birch /klipsch copper badges , inlaid black characters -
  9. these khorns copies could be a kit or home made speakers , they are very old , could be 1950's , the SAHF University driver shown in the pictures was introduced in Khorns in 1951 , the capacitors are WW2 era -
  10. do you use Vermouth , Manhattan style or what do you add with the Bourbon
  11. RandyH

    Epic CF ?

    CF, any series , the last series would have the youngest drivers
  12. The transition to MDF was gradual , some mid 80's Heresy 1 ,were made of MDF and plywood - here are 2 pictures of 2 different Heresy 1 speakers in 2 posts - look at the 2 pictures very closely -
  13. Klipsch manufactures a Titanium tweeter diaphragm for the KLF-20 , it sounds equally more detailed and refined , if not superior to Aftermarkets -
  14. quick question , how old are your HIV speakers -
  15. @NOS Valves did the restoration job on this amp -any Question , just shoot Craig a PM
  16. you can PM @Paducah Home Theater via the PM feature , place your mouse over the user name and click "Message ", on the bottom left hand corner -
  17. ... Poly in my post referred to polyester Film/mylar /plastic as opposed to Poly polyimide /polymer /nylon as used in the K771-K702 , in any case , the K771 and K702 sound really good -
  18. fantastic deal - great condition
  19. the Quartet , you could negotiate these speakers lower , the deal is on the 200$ pair of Synergy in Winnipeg , I would grab these for 100-150$ in a heartbeat
  20. ok , so that's quite different --- prices tend to be higher in Canada , Winnipeg is a Beautiful City, I go up that way for business at least 2x per year you can search for deals on speakers on KIJIJI , there is a great deal on klipsch speakers in Winnepeg as we speak -
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