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  1. discontinued by klipsch - -KPT-XII 12-inch horn-loaded mid-bass device with a KPT 904 HF
  2. then you gotta get the permits --in California , you better not be in a hurry -
  3. renting these trucks is unreally expensive ----Jim did a good thing --------I am waiting for a government auction in September -they come up from time to time ----
  4. Thanks -------I've got trees to trim , at our office , they are over 6 stories high --I will be renting one of these
  5. sounds like cheech and chong
  6. they are installed in small theaters , even in Canada
  7. I would say the same , it's all for the good of Mankind -----
  8. I didn't recognize him without the mustache ------
  9. quite a few forum members use Audyn caps from PE
  10. looking by the great condition of these labels , you got a pair of Walnut oiled khorns -----1978 is not in doubt -
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