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  1. you can sand then lightly then repaint -----or you can start with a sharpie pen if the scratches are not very deep -
  2. Gob Bless , that you are doing so much better - Stay Safe -------You were exposed to the earlier strain , and it definitely was the worse -which says that you were overall healthy to start off and you were able to fight it off -
  3. Moderna's chief medical officer explains why their vaccine is better https://www.jpost.com/health-science/modernas-chief-medical-officer-explains-why-their-vaccine-is-better-646777
  4. A Federal Coronavirus Vaccine Contract Released At Last ( Moderna ) https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/10/24/927474041/a-federal-coronavirus-vaccine-contract-released-at-last-but-redactions-obscure-t
  5. , not sure if it's the picture and I understand this is not the K400 REPLACEMENT ---------but it looks deeper in length than any other elliptical horn , seen so far
  6. So the way the foam is placed would also benefit the Heresy 1 ---------all Heresy 1 speakrs never had any foam inserted in the cabs
  7. I will say it again -BeautiFul speaker ------WOW -awesome --
  8. Dr. Fauci says ‘maybe we should be mandating’ masks nationally, as COVID-19 cases surge https://fox8.com/news/fauci-says-maybe-we-should-be-mandating-masks-as-covid-19-cases-surge-across-the-county/
  9. you're forgetting his tenure as a Moderator , fantastic -
  10. 35 minutes ago, hanksjim1 said: Speakerlab... the Speakerlab khorn is a copy of the K-Horn , very good bass bin depending if it is plywood , and as long as it's not particle board
  11. the band Manager has all the fun , really , , while everybody's playing music on stage , he's having a ball in the Office --
  12. the slant Heresy cabs don't sound as good in the bass section as the regular Heresy -
  13. IT just sold on EBAY --- 350$
  14. Here is Duratex on new Cornwall IV motorboard and the rear of the cabinet -----it is a black weatherproof coating used on all Pro series speakers , whether via Roller or a brush - the Spray Gun gives the nicest fine texture - Pro speakers are repaired with Bondo or a resin type Filler , then sanded , and repainted with Duratex , I added 2 videos to show you how they paint and refinish commercial speakers whether new or repaired cabinets -
  15. Volunteer Moderator staff ---- @Chad @Amy @Mallette @dtel @dtel's wife @Youthman @dwilawyer @Klipsch Social
  16. you can fit a k400/401 on a Belle , pretty easy , just let it stick out from the back with a bracket on a wood piece -
  17. RIP Jerry jeff Walker
  18. There is room to add a tweeter on the cabinet , and the KP3.2 Crossover can be modified to add a tweeter for a 3 way speaker----plus there is a down firing 12 inch passive woofer -Duratex paint would be the ideal finishing touch -
  19. @Tarheel HAPPY 15 years on the klipsch forum , and let's hope for another 15 ,
  20. the Amp is ok -----the Break in crucial ----- ditto with @DizRotus @Shakeydeal @billybob
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