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  1. yeah , been there , it's rarely a good deal , auction fees -- taxes on top add up
  2. RandyH

    What I Got Today!

    Beautiful vinyl fence , no painting , no scrubbing - great idea
  3. 2 FOR 1 -----that's an excellent deal , can you post a link - please so that other members can take advantage of this deal
  4. do you have a balcony in that apartment or a terrasse closeby
  5. Fantastic , I've had speakers in my Bedroom , but not these big Boys ----this is something else -KHORNS , try to get these up a flight of stairs ---
  6. RandyH

    What I Got Today!

    Wow , that's a helluva loooooooooooooong fence , where does it end ?
  7. Do you have cool pictures of these improvements ,we're drooling here I
  8. RandyH

    KT77 vs KT88

    sure been a while since we heard of @derrickdj1
  9. RIP Mr Dusty Hill , , Thanks for all the Lovin
  10. Good job , you can get some decent quality binding posts installed ( largest diameter wire )- avoid plastic ends , all metal and Gold plated
  11. it would be cool to see a picture , I have such a pair ------crossover is AA -K55V midrange --K77round magnet -K43 woofer , no sealed backs ---klipsch handles on the sides -
  12. looks very good on the ESR for the big caps , you can cut out the corroded portion on the Monster Cable, since corrosion equals more resistance , try to take a picture if you can
  13. Buster Douglas went down , but the moment he got up , he hammered Tyson ---and put him to sleep in a series of blows
  14. one more @JEM Performance Positive Feedback , Thank you for sharing your experience with klipsch Factory capacitors -
  15. you can remove and resolder 1 of the caps that has multiple caps of the same value , and that should give you a very good idea as to the condition of the caps , so test 1 of the small caps and 1 of the big caps , then resolder ----- as far as the AK-3 Monster cable , the tips of the cables close to the solder was where there was the most corrosion -
  16. I dont want to tell you not to do it , but Heresy Speakers sound great higher up , like close to 3 feet high - the Heresy brings out the detail in the vocals ,so the mids and the HF with a touch of bass ,but , they are unbeatable at ear level , if I were in your position the Heresy speakers would be at the far left and right but closer to 28-30 inches high
  17. GLWTS --the last pair sold for 2699$ , so you 're under that by 700$ -
  18. took all but a few hours if that -exceptional deal ,I hope it was a member that got these CW1-------great job @Oicu812
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