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  1. newtune

    The Most Gullible Judge in America

    Pro pot judge.
  2. newtune

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    Happy birthday Eldon
  3. newtune

    SOLD: Ultimate Type AA Networks

    pm sent
  4. newtune

    RIP Bandit

    One Cool Cat..........................RIP Bandit
  5. Good to see your back in the fold .
  6. newtune

    MCM`s 1900

    Should have looked at the map .................
  7. newtune

    MCM`s 1900

    MCM`s in Frankfort Il 1400.00 , Craigs list . Just sayin
  8. newtune

    Crites Website Down?

    Dean , why is Dave done building ? . I have a pair of his horns in my bells with your super AA`s and love them .
  9. PM sent jimbo.................
  10. newtune

    Maybe my wife is right

    Cool pictures , My wife and I have a couple of classics 1973 z28 rs 4 speed and she has a nice 1966 mustang coupe . Lots of fun , going to go to black hawk this year and R A and camp for the weekend . Hung out with a lot of cool racers at RA last fall , They told us the spring race is better .
  11. newtune

    Maybe my wife is right

    Good save , What are you racing in scca . I was at road america this year for the vintage race`s what a blast . My dad was a road racer and stockcar racer all his life in the midwest .
  12. newtune

    Moving sale. -Heresy III - Cherry

    Merry Christmas , That`s a nice deal .
  13. newtune

    Merry Klipschmas

    Merry Christmas to all the great people on this forum , May you all enjoy this day with loved ones , family and friends .