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  1. Just read it myself sad , Very good player . Would like to catch his last tour also .
  2. newtune

    East Indian Rosewood

    Great video Dave .................
  3. newtune

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    This safe has no key backup ?
  4. newtune

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    Not all locksmiths are safe guy`s , I would ask first .
  5. newtune

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    A safe guy should be able to crack this safe .
  6. newtune

    The Most Gullible Judge in America

    Pro pot judge.
  7. newtune

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    Happy birthday Eldon
  8. newtune

    RIP Bandit

    One Cool Cat..........................RIP Bandit
  9. Good to see your back in the fold .
  10. newtune

    MCM`s 1900

    Should have looked at the map .................
  11. newtune

    MCM`s 1900

    MCM`s in Frankfort Il 1400.00 , Craigs list . Just sayin
  12. newtune

    Crites Website Down?

    Dean , why is Dave done building ? . I have a pair of his horns in my bells with your super AA`s and love them .