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  1. A vertical Cornwall (old Cornwall II) laid on it's side works perfectleh between two Cornwalls as mains. Timbre matched and effortless. In my world the best center channel speaker is identical to the mains. That C II on it's side also makes for a perfect flat screen stand. I have a 3/4" thick sheet of memory foam below it and on top of it to isolate the TV from vibration as much as possible.
  2. During my early days on this forum, JBL did what they called a "tent sale", where they sold a boatload of goodies left over from an insurance payoff from the Northridge earthquake IIRC. The insurance paid off entire contents of warehouses, but yet much of that gear was still good, so JBL sold these items for the tax and shipping. I picked up two of the 4638 LF cabs for under $450 total - delivered (now retail for $1500 EACH). But what I will forever be kicking myself in the arse for was not knowing enough to pick up the high frequency sections for these cabinets. They too were available for tax and shipping, but as there were less of them those drivers and horns sold very fast. Me being new to the forum and JBL specifics didn't know enough to buy all that stuff up. I was looking for a low cost sub alternative for my home theater, and several here were picking up on the 4638 for this and similar purposes. I'll never forget the conversation I had with the JBL person handling these sales. When I told him that I was using these cabs in my home theater for LFE, he thought I was nutz. But looking back on it, this was one of the best audio purchases I have ever made. I only wish I knew enough what the hell I was doing to get the top sections too.
  3. I was gonna guess JBL - that woofer pretty much gives it away.....
  4. Are any of these devices manufactured by Klipsch?
  5. I love the scene where Mike baits and stakes out the Kettlemans and retrieves the cash
  6. The poster for sale is an "artist proof", which carries a higher value than one of the normal series of numbered prints. As far as what that value actually is, only the market knows, but it doen't seem unreasonable, especially considering the framework. I have a number of prints of significant value - one example being the Phish New Years 2000 at Big Cypress print - I have one of these (out of 2000) and it's valued at $700 - and that's just the value of the print. Jeff Wood's art is phenomenal and is well worth owning.
  7. He might be biased, but I'm not . Klipschorns, assuming proper corners are available. If not, Belle Klipsch or LaScala plus horn loaded sub (Tuba?) ($4K for nice used, can even allow for top section and network modifications at $8K total) VRDs ($3K) NBS preamp ($3K with the options I would choose) Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 ($1.7K loaded) McIntosh MR71 ($1.5K minty) Thorens TD124 (3K with SME or Michell tonearm plus cartridge). Yours for the low price of $20,200
  8. I am an owner of an all Cornwall home theater, and I use an old school Cornwall II laid on it's side for a center channel. It's quite awesome.
  9. I am also late to the thread - apparently "The Lounge" threads no longer show on the main page? First, please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. But when I read your response giving background on the situation, my thoughts turn to something approaching rage. I am continually shocked and appalled at the extent of how our drug laws affect so many people. The war on drugs reaches so much further than stopping people from getting high - it affects personal liberties in so many other ways - many ways we don't think about until another appalling example stares us in the face. Nailed it.
  10. My appliance sales/serviceman was here on a visit about a year ago, and I asked him about the long term prognosis on my fridge (about 25 years old). "Should I consider a modern upgrade and be done with it for another 25 years, or should I ride with the one I have and replace it if/when it fails?" He says "Keep the one you have. You might consider having me redo the door seals, then keep it for another 25 years." He then goes on to explain how the new fridges and appliances have circuit boards and such for energy efficiency that fail on an all too regular basis, and most of them he can't even get parts for. Boards are failing a year or two out from purchase, under warranty, and these manufacturers can't deliver the new boards. He buys up appliances from estate and moving sales, as well as rescuing many appliances from attempts to dispose of them, and gives them minor service and refurb - then resells them, He states over and over that his most reliable product is the older models, and recommends those over the shiny new stuff, because the repairs on the older equipment is less frequent and easier to repair when it is needed. I have always bought my appliances from him and only rarely do I need a service call, but when I do he always recommends the repair over replacement. And of course vintage McIntosh and Klipsch prove again that refurb is almost always preferable to buying new gear - and they are plenty fashionable. The most fashionable stuff in my world is the stuff that performs for years and years. As for cars, the newer models are better for the purpose. They run longer, and the driver is safer in a crash. The heavy frame chrome and interiors of the 50's and 60's have an allure to be sure, but you don't want to crash in one. Cars today are much more reliable (especially Honda and Toyota) and safe, even if they are a bit plastic-y and cheaper on the interior. So older appliances, older audio, and newer cars, Alex
  11. When I got my Thorens and had to mount the cartridge and tonearm, I made a file of mental health service numbers just in case God forbid when I have to replace the cartridge again - now I understand why I like my Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD so much. Vinyl sounds really good but it's a painindeazz.
  12. Lessee...we'll start with the home theater. Six Cornwalls with a pair of JBL 4638 low frequency cabs, making a total of 10 15" woofers smilin' at ya in a 14 x 18 foot room. Some might think it's overkill - I think those people are insane. Then we'll talk about the tube room. I have a pair of Belle Klipsch, which get babied and fed with a premium diet of a choice of two front ends - a McIntosh MX110 into a pair of MC30s (and I have two pairs of MC30's in the stash, each with different coupling caps and tube complements) - and a second system core of a JM Peach into a pair of NOSValves VRDs. A pair of Belle Klipsch never had it so good, and my ears are spoiled rotten. I have a Thorens TD124 and an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb (tube buffered) CD player as the main sources for whichever system core I decide to use. But the addiction truly manifested in fullest display with my tube stash - 2 1/2 dozen Mullard and Philips 5AR4 rectifiers, 100+ Telefunken, Amperex, and Mullard 12AX7, 60+ 12AU7, a few dozen 12BH7, a few dozen 5U4, a few dozen NOS 6922/7308, a matched baker's dozen of GEC KT66, and a dozen quads of KT88....plus a few other oddball variants and specialties like 6U8, 6AU6, compactrons, 12X4 and such. Definitely enough to run these gears for a lifetime and then some. Again, all perfectly normal and justified - all in the service of great music. Another way to look at it: "Hey, at least it's not crack!"
  13. NETWORK. Paddy Chayevksy saw the future - and how the television would take us there. Because he worked in television, he understood the power of that device, and how it was being used to pull the wool over the eyes of entire societies by taking the news from a device made to inform to a profit center - and how television corrupts everything it touches in the process.. It won four Academy Awards (how it didn't win Best Picture I'll never understand), and rarely do you see film today stacked with the kind of acting talent you see in this film. "There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, ITT, AT&T, Dupont, Dow, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today." - Arthur Jensen
  14. Youtube embed failed. I've read posts on forum of how to do this, still no luck.
  15. No issues here with any of the DVDs I have ever played in my Oppo, and I'm quite sure that my DVDs aren't perfect either. I have a number of them from used racks. Another benefit of Oppo machines is how well they upscale DVDs to HD displays. I have never seen DVD look so good.
  16. That was my vote also. And again. I think that his death affected me more because I attended that last show. Got home at 2AM, went to bed, and woke to the news. Just pure shock.
  17. If you remember from BB, "The Extractor" created a new identity for Saul, and sent him to Nebraska. Another point: Better Call Saul cannot possibly be completely independent from BB, because it is in fact a prequel, which by logic will have people in it that Jimmy/Saul has a relationship with. So people like Mike will be in the show, which I see as interesting and a benefit. I expect a key component to BCS will be how Jimmy/Saul came to know some of those in BB. Also: BCS wasn't the highest rated series premiere in history, but the highest CABLE series premiere.
  18. There are several versions of Amperex Bugle Boys. First clarification: the term "Bugle Boy" is simply a brand name given to tubes produced in the Philips plants - from about 1956ish until 1966. These same tubes also appear with other labels - "Miniwatt", Rogers, Dumont, Monitor, and many others. The Bugle Boy logo is just that - a logo - but what defines the tube is the acid etched codes that pinpoint what the tube is and when and where it was made. The 12AX7s in question - the Philips/Holland manufactured ones - go in chronology like this: Mid 1955ish until 1958 - 17mm plate, D getter. Coded MC1 through MC6. 1959-1962 - 14mm plate with large round O getter. There are several "series" of these tubes - I60, I61, I63, I65.....and those are just the ones that I am aware of and own. 1662 1966 - 14mm plate small O getter, I 65 codes. 1967-about 1970 - 14mm plate with small O getter, no longer with Bugle Boy logo (usually globe logo or other name brand) coded I65 1970ish moving forward until mid 70's - dimple disc getter, I66 coded IIRC. ALL of these tubes were manufactured in the Philips plant Heerlen, Holland, designated by the "delta" code on the second line of the acid etched coding near the base of the tubes.. These tubes all possess a similar "house sound", but the earliest are best in terms of detail and imaging. The later you go, the details get lost a little bit - although I think they are all very good tubes and beat all current production. Can't go wrong with any of 'em, really. My favorites are the 1959-1962 14mm large O getter - still have great detail and imaging, but have more low end slam than the others. The 17mm longplates are the best vocal tube ever made.
  19. It might need a few shows to simmer, but I think there's too much talent and potential to not be worth the while. The show is already signed on for a second season - sounds like the creators like how things are going. Apparently lots of eyeballs saw this, biggest cable series premiere to date.
  20. Question for those on streaming services (Amazon, Hulu, Roku, Netflix, etc): How is the picture quality on these streaming services compared to cable or satellite? My limited experience with online streaming video isn't very impressive - Netflix standard def stinks for PQ, and even HD stuff via online services is visibly inferior to cable. Also: does online material and OTA broadcasts offer 5.1 sound? Are there certain hardwares used for these services that improve picture quality or maximize it? Online streaming seems an attractive idea, but again my limited experience - using my recent Win7 computer with HDMI out to the TV is visibly inferior to my cable. Am I just not taking advantage of available hardware or is the picture I'm getting with streaming video online subject to bandwidth limitations that inhibit PQ?
  21. Baked Lasagna and nachos with all the trimmings. No soundbars here - game will be shown in the Cornwall Theatre.
  22. Mailing tubes isn't much of an issue IF they are packed well. Secure the tubes within the boxes, if applicable (styrofoam peanuts for example, work well for keeping tubes from sliding within the box), then wrap the boxes thoroughly with multiple layers of bubble wrap. If these instructions are followed, the tubes will make it safely.
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