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  1. Wanna bet? I on the other hand believe they're the metal inserts that the magnets that are attached to the grill frames bond to.
  2. The neighbors cannot hear the subs sound but can hear the vibrations the sound waves cause. Isolation is your friend. http://www.isoacoustics.com/products/modular-series-model-mol-al/ Welcome to the Forum. Congrats on the excellent theater. Fit and finish looks great. The led's are incredible.
  3. Got a new Weber Spirit E-310 propane gas grill. Up in the top rack, had them pull the pallet down, scan the price. Last years $500 model is showing clearance price $300. Even the store manager did not know that deal existed. If you can find last years model, you can get the same deal. The store I went to had 21 in inventory, so the warehouse is dumping them and sending them out to select locations. Here is a link you can search for one near you- if you are interested. https://brickseek.com/home-depot-inventory-checker/?sku=203597743 Genesis II @ 2x the price even on clearance just wasn't doing it for me. YMMV
  4. Just took the preliminary weight measurements. I estimate the final weight of the rack to be approximately 175 pounds total. I could have added another $200 to the total bill had I choosen THESE these for the sides.If I went this route instead, I would have cut vertical slots along the sides for added ventilation, and some additional aesthetics. That would have brought the material list up to $600. Just using up what I had here instead. Totally understand now why audio racks are as expensive as they are, even though the prices seem insane for what they are. My issue was more about getting exactly what I wanted. I just could not find the size, color, style, shape, materials, casters, etc. that fit what was in my mind. If I was asked to build one of these for someone else, I wouldn't do it for less than $1200. Good luck with your build.
  5. These have rave reviews everywhere. Comments like blown away by the sound from a bookshelf. I know someone with 2 pairs for sale. Walnut too. Only 3 months out of the box. Can be shipped in all original packaging. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/186080-rf7iii-rc64iii-2-sets-rp600m/
  6. Not quite perfectly flat yet. I don't really care if it ever gets that flat. Just want those high grain ridges gone so when I slide a 100LB ampifier across the shelf, I don't drag across some grain possible lifting some finish, or color, or even a scratch. It was the first time for me using the AquaSeal product. A bit of a learning curve. Started on the bottoms of course. I eventually got a good technique down. More tedious than I thought it would be. Worth the effort, but I stopped after 2 coats. There is maybe 100 board feet of material here to finish. I eventually got one coat of General Finishes on everything, then called it a day. https://aquacoat.com/products/clear-grain-filler https://www.woodcraft.com/products/hp-polyurethane-top-coat-gloss-quart
  7. Looks nice. Good job on the rehab. Would you like to share your location? It may help seeing how you are looking for someone local, or at least within 350 miles of...??
  8. 314carpenter


    https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/atq/d/mukwonago-klipsch-chorus-ii/6970704060.html I am not posting the 2 basic pics. They will be gone lickety split. Always are around here.
  9. Sharing a post with more pics of the Klipsch rooms at RMAF. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/173-2-channel-audio/3089080-rocky-mountain-audio-fest-2019-pictures-impressions.html#post58522260
  10. Sharing a post with more pics of the Klipsch rooms from RMAF https://www.avsforum.com/forum/173-2-channel-audio/3089080-rocky-mountain-audio-fest-2019-pictures-impressions.html#post58522260
  11. Everything seem so much better now that Wisconsin has 3 MVP's in 3 major sports! Other than that, I think I saw a tree with a bit of orange on top. Oh, and the apples orchards are so bountiful and bushels are being filled daily. 👍 for Door County!
  12. Hey folks, @lupp5214 is the real deal. I have been to his house. Kind, courteous, helpful and best of all great gear at even better prices. Everything has a box, because it is all like new. Couple of months out of the box with ultra low hours on this stuff. Really recent purchases on amazing Klipsch speakers. Do not allow distance dissuade you from contacting him. Believe me, if you want to make a deal, this is the place to be. Members if you need some assistance in purchasing and you think I may be some help send me a PM! These items are still available: RF 7iii pair - $1800 RP 600M pair - $300 RP 600M pair - $300 RC 64iii - $800 Integra 2 channel amp $200 Put together a package for an even better deal!
  13. Running into the same problem myself. I have recently been collecting as many titles as I can get my hands on. Physical media is dying "so they say". Some manufactures have stopped making players. I see how Best Buy and certain Walmarts continue to reduce the number of shelves dedicated to physical media. It all just makes me not want to loose out. When they are out of print, they get real hard to find. Right now I am using 2 racks mounted to 1000LB lazy susan bearings. They fit nice into the closet. Unfortunately the same closet I plan to place the new audio rack. Maybe not immediately, but eventually that is the plan.
  14. Glazing is done. Next up is grain filling followed by 2 topcoats.
  15. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/179379-bob-carvers-new-tube-amp-75x2/&do=findComment&comment=2415353
  16. Sounds good. I never meant to infer that KGI was not a top notch team. I aware of the level of talent there. I didn't know they were involved in the actual set-up in the room itself. I don't know how the ball got handed off in Schaumburg, Illinois at Axpona. No way anyone with one good ear and one eye good eye and basic fundamental knowlege of room accoustics could have missed how lowball it was. Maybe was just a one-off being that it was the first year at the show for Klipsch. Now I have my hopes up that Klipsch cornwall IV and Heresy IV will come along with KGI at Axpona 2020. Thanks.
  17. I really hope they have some competent people doing the setup at RMAF. The Klipsch Forte III setup at Axpona 2019 done by Saturday Audio was a complete joke. Room was stuffed with people who looked very interested, but actually was one the worst sounding rooms there. Totally not the speakers fault. A combination of low quality mismatched gear along with low quality recordings and terrible speaker placement. Saturday Audio ended up costing Klipsch a ton of sales.
  18. Don't worry. I will get to that part. Not there yet. This is a different kind of build. Not going with traditional joinery because of the 1-3/4" x 18" material I am using. Wood joinery with these materials would not hold up to the 800LB rating I am shooting for. Thinking I may come in at around 200LBS in rack alone, so I want the 250LBS each casters to be the limiting factor. Brute strength and overkill on this one. The major components will all be mechanical connections. For starters I am going with 3/8" x 6" T-50 washer head lag screws to provide support along the y and z axis. https://www.amazon.com/GRK-RSS386HP-HandyPak-Structural-Package/dp/B001SFT0T8 Later after some further assembly, I will be painting and installing THESE to provide some of the structural integrity along the width. It is an open front and back design, so the x axis will be the weakest and require the most structural support.
  19. Now on to some of the glazing. This step will greatly accentuate and contrast the early wood (dark grain) from late wood (light grain). This duplicates a finish you may have heard of before: Mission, Arts and Crafts, or Craftsman style. Only working the shelf surfaces and shelf supports for now. After assembly more glazing will be worked in to bring the trim and structure in line with the overall design. General Finishes Van Dyke Brown with 10% General Finishes Extender to increase the working time.
  20. Trim is also pre-finished. Helps speed things up. There will be time for touch-up steps later.
  21. Too add tone, depth, and fill some of the grain I added a 2 coats of Zinsser Amber Shellac. Unfortunately the Topcoat may not bond well with the wax in the Amber shellac, so on goes a coat of Zinsser SealCoat cut down from 2LB in the can to a 1LB cut washcoat. Locking in that wax beneath bonded layers of shellac is a non-issue now. Do not worry about that natural semi-gloss look of the shellac. That sheen will all go away as more finish layers are added on top. The final topcoat will ultimately determine the sheen anyway.
  22. Color is not where I want it. Going with a second coat with a little longer soak before wiping.
  23. These ideas always seem to start out simple. Then over time as things progress I decide to add more and more time effort and money into the original basic plan I started with. With this build I had some oak boards left over that I wanted to use up, some 1 3/4" x 18" oak, some casters that could be salvaged for the build, some finish products and various supplies. Well. I am using some of that, however I stuffed another $400 into the build so far and I still have yet to turn a screw. Far beyond the original simple idea. Here is the progress I have made to this point. Design - still tweeking Cut list - cut and sanded and adding additional pieces as I go Material list - keeps growing along with the budget Shopping list - God this stuff ain't cheap Cut and sanded to 180 grit Wetted with distilled water and dried overnight to pre-raise the grain re-sanded again to 180 grit Blow off sawdust Router shelf noses with 1/4" bead top and bottom for a custom look ' Mixed 2 parts General Finishes amber water based dye stain 1 part General Finishes Rosewood water based stain
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