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  1. just getting up and need some coffee. That was a really good party last night
  2. Bourbon is a nice gift and receiving it from a friend, well even better. I tell you something that is nice: when I flip on the 845 output tubes on my tube amplifiers they make a echoing sound that sounds just like the sound you heard from the sonar on the submarine on the old tv show Seahunt. I know a vacuum tube is not a person but it is still nice. 😉
  3. Condolences to the family. Thank You Bob Crites for being a foundation of knowledge for the Klipsch community.
  4. Condolences to the family. You will be missed Mr Crites.
  5. Buddy you had it right the first time !
  6. Yes Sir, straight from Hope, Arkansas.
  7. Bruce, never say never. I follow a lot more threads than I engage in. When I have asked questions I have received helpful advice from you and others. I have noticed that you are always willing to help others and offer advice based on sound principles. I applaud you and find it only fitting to play it forward. I have a extra pair of 402’s. Long story short they are from the Klipsch 1st production run. I replaced them with a new pair last year. One has a crack and one has a spider fracture. Both very much repairable, especially with the skills I’ve seen you display on this forum. I have the original boxes my new ones came in. I’m still new on learning about the physics behind sound, but I’m a darn good packer and fill confident I can get them to you safely. You now own a pair of 402’s. Send me a personal message and we will get the ball rolling. Happy New Year ! Jim
  8. I made panels using rockwool safe & sound. Did the frame with 1x3x 8 furring strips and used landscape ground cover cloth for fabric. They were easy to fabricate, inexpensive and work great.
  9. I nominate Dave for club President
  10. I’m in the “no Facebook club”. 😎
  11. This is how my system is set up with KPT-942 and soon to be KPT-942/4. My crossovers are separated for HF and Mid HF “most would call LF” and are in-line after the source and before the separate preamps. The HF has tube preamp & tube mono amps to each 402 driver. The LF has a SS preamp and separate Class A amps to the drivers of the 904 drivers. I gain balance the separate preamps and use my DAC attenuation as the master and the separate preamps as slaves.
  12. Come on man, Did you read the “item description” “”The main speaker is eliptical with lightweight paper cone on a paper suspension, the tweeter is oval also with paper cone.”” Ok, it is Christmas so I will sell them to you under one condition. If someone on here makes you a better offer you have to play it forward and pass them on, it’s only fair man, because you know the rarity these speakers.
  13. I was that guy you were bidding against so I sent a message to the seller and made an offer of $650. He accepted and said he would send you a “so sorry but blah, blah, blah, blah message”””. BAM !!!
  14. Welcome Sir. I totally understand the combination workspace environment. When you are able to pull the speakers off the wall be prepared to be “blown away”. Just trying to prep you for an astonishingly moment. You have never heard what those speakers will do till you pull them 1/3 into the room. Cheers !
  15. Due to my choice of source equipment; Auralic Aries G2, Vega G2 & Leo GX, wireless streaming with dedicated Lightning Digital Streaming application, I am very limited to crossover components and EQing because I have to accomplish crossover after my DAC. As far as crossover the Marchand has been the best route so far due to the ability to make adjustments in analog. The LDS app has 16 PEQ ability. Tried Dbx DriveRack Venu360 and the system versatility was amazing but in the end, for sound quality, the Marchand was more open & dynamic, “in my opinion and with my system”.
  16. Biggest speaker placement difference was moving the speakers 8 ft away from the back wall and listening chair 8 ft in front of speakers. This created the elusive 3D soundstage. I adjust volume according to how condensed recorded music is, but usually around mid 80’s using SPL meter.
  17. I have only ran my system with Marchand electronic crossovers and “for me” the tube’s on the HF and solid state class A’s on the LF has been the best sound due to equipment, however I think the biggest satisfaction has come from speaker placement and slight adjustments over the years to better match my room. 😉
  18. I agree on all genres sound great. I bi-amp, Cary 805’s on HF and 4 pass labs aleph 2’s on LF “100 watt amps” which is plenty of power for these highly efficient bass bins. Imho
  19. I have the 942 /2’s but have the 415 bass bins on order to be delivered in Jan 2021. Listening room is 16 x 30, sweet spot is 8’ from speakers with only slight toe in.
  20. This truly is an unwritten bylaw of the Klipsch family.
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