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  1. Thank You, a lot of additional information to use when i start in earnest. Can Yo say something about the type of American Walnut verneer that was used? These are 1977 make. I want to re-verneer a sw bass extension and i want to match the verneer as close as possible. I know it won´t be a perfect match because of age and wear, thanks.
  2. I second that! If You sell those Cornwalls now, you´ll be hard pressed to find something like them again. That being said, do You enjoy listening to music from time to time, like sitting down infront of your speakers? Quite a few new members here came with the intent to sell, but, on the way changed their minds. Welcome to the Forum!
  3. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    Saw these baby klipsches this week on local ebay and couldn´t say no at the price asked. I´ve been looking for some speakers for the dining room, since i moved the Heresys from there to the living room. They are almost spotless and sound great for their size. I guess, it´s time to un-dust that old Yamaha sub to take care of the low end. Nonetheless i´m still on the hunt for some KG2.0...
  4. So i´ve got this SW passive bass extension that i´m using with my KG1.5 right now. In the future i might use it with my Heresys. The box is black right now and the cabinet got banged when it was shipped to me. At one point i would like to fix the damage and while i´m at it re-verneer the whole thing. So the Heresy tag says Walnut, but which one, does anybody know? I´ve seen differences in color, for example between pieces of european and american walnut.
  5. George is using banana-plugs, no?
  6. Yep, very often I get that reaction:"What, you still have a stereo/ speakers? Just use soundbar (or worse Bluetooth speakers) at home!" But once they get to listen to their own music on my system... Surprise, surprise.
  7. Hopefully mine will look like that (again) when i´m done with my refurb. Really nice find!
  8. Not necessarily, rim and back are black on mine as well.
  9. And HWO is Heresy Walnut oiled. Mine are from 1977, and they are nice speakers, enjoy. Welcome to the Forum!
  10. Same here, plus the one or other mentioned good recording here on this forum.
  11. Thanks for this suggestion, i almost constantly listen to this station when i´m on iradio now. Very good mix!
  12. Welcome to the Forum! Is it really the woofer that´s bad? The KG 5.2 & 4.2 both have passive radiators in the lower place, in which case You can´t swap, the one in the 5.2 being bigger than the 4.2. Woofers are different parts as well, while the dimensions are the same, the woofer from the 4.2 might sound strange in a 5.2 cabinet. Take a look at the specs: https://d2um2qdswy1tb0.cloudfront.net/product-specsheets/KG-.2-series.pdf How about looking for a spare on ebay? Or You can post in the garage section, maybe a member has a spare lying around.
  13. To be safe you could put a sheet of paper between ion and the vinyl so things won´t stick.
  14. I thought so, bummer... I must mention, i don´t own any Epics. What i would do is, take a really sharp blade and a steel ruler and cut away the vinyl as close to the edge as i could. Then i would tape of the original boundary between the upper verneer and where the vinyl used to be and fill the gap with several layers of laquer paint. Maybe even on both cabinets to make it look similar. I hope You get what i´m trying to say...
  15. The bright part of the wood is the spots where the vinyl used to be? If You were to bent it back, would it be as flat and smoothe as before if cemented in place? Or would it be uneven and creasy?
  16. As Randy said, and You might want to post in the Epic Owners thread, so more CF owners can help You:
  17. The only thing that keeps me from lusting after RF7s is the knowledge that I´d have to change my whole speaker-set-up for HT... And the fact that they´re much too big for my space, most likely... Those are great speakers, enjoy!
  18. Would it help if the OP posted a picture of the connector-plate of his sub?
  19. Welcome to the Forum! What You found is what is called a "passive radiator", it enhances the bass-performance of the original KG4. It has no wires attached to it, that is normal, it runs without power.
  20. The Klipsch specs say horns are the same size on CF2 – 3, nothing about the drivers, sadly.
  21. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    Had this one on the want-list for some time, no got around to buying it: Who owned a Commore C64? Who knew the game ZOIDs? This is the tune frome the game: http://deepsid.chordian.net/?file=/MUSICIANS/H/Hubbard_Rob/Zoids.sid And here is the original: Listened to the whole thing a few years back and found i liked the whole CD.
  22. Cable is irrelevant. It is when too much power is applied to a speaker that can be damaging.
  23. Google Translate: "I think kg 5.5 has a sensitivity of 98db/m . But if you upgrade the crossover to a 2nd or 3rd order winch that will reduce its sensitivity, don't you think?" @trongnguyen Welcome to this Forum! Please, try to post in English. We are international here and English is the lingua franca. By doing so You will get more reactions to your posts.
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