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  1. Bottom line with the unavailable hires is just like their former employers the money is the motivator. And I for one cannot find fault in that. To quote a popular phrase "it's all about the Benjamins."
  2. Damn..........I'll be in Gaithersburg Monday but don't have the money. Crap.
  3. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    I have one of those. It's a wonderful camera............once you learn it's ways.
  4. First time in awhile...............
  5. I don't like using Wiki but it's easy to find. According to that it could have been a regional thing as well.
  6. I have a classical collection from Time/Life that is like that. But with 8 sides to choose from.
  7. I'm beginning to believe it's intentional that education is declining. The smartest people I know are not like that from any class they've taken. They educated themselves by using and understanding the information available to them.............in a public library. Now days online to an extent. Which enabled them to understand the information dispensed in that class.
  8. Amoco's "white gas" was nothing more than unleaded high octane. It was good shit though. My racebikes loved it as leaded fuel began disappearing in the '80s.
  9. No center stands here. I do have a set of PitBull stands for the Tuono though.
  10. geezin'

    Dang ticks....

    Loud? Oh yeah well i did say great alarms. Surprised the dog got to them. Ours would fly up into the trees and scold the dogs if they came too close.`
  11. geezin'

    Dang ticks....

    Guinea fowl. Great alarms and tick/flea control.
  12. The coworker I mentioned a couple weeks ago sat next to me and ate lunch the day after he returned from his flight but before he exhibited symptoms. And I have yet to exhibit symptoms. I'd say the J&J serum is effective.
  13. Use this for dry skin. 'Taint cheap but it works wonders.
  14. Only been here a little while but in that time had a couple private conversations with Dave and he helped me out. May you have found what you always sought. Goodbye Dave.
  15. Words fail me. So sorry.
  16. Ahhh either way the deposit's been made. Just hasn't been accepted yet.
  17. I demand royalties for the videos starring me they're distributing. Not screwing around here gots me a uptown New Yawk lawyer too.
  18. I'm a couple weeks out from my one-shot J&J vaccine. A little itchy rash at injection site for a few days is all so far. That being said a coworker flew to Chicago for a wedding a couple weeks ago. Now he tests positive for Covid and his wife is actually sick from it. I told him to stay off airplanes and drive out but he said "I'm fully vaccinated." Hope his wife pulls through this.
  19. geezin'

    What Is Wrong

    Civility has become just too much effort for many.
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