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  1. Help in identifying these.. H1 of course but what finish? You can see the end grain of the plywood sides on the top in the photo. Sn 171y737 y implies 1983 I gather from the Heritage codes sticky. thanks
  2. Been reading the other threads about upgrading the Heresy I or II to Heresy III, and I can't say this question was ever answered clearly: Is the Heresy I cabinet too small for the Heresy II to Heresy III upgrade or is it the speaker mounting board of the Heresy I that is not right? In other words can I make a new speaker mounting board and do the upgrade to Heresy III on a Heresy 1? I understand they may ask for SN's and that the square or round gizmo on the back is a problem...but those are not big problems are they...easily solvable, right? My thought on the Heresy is use it as a two channel tv sound system, and add a sub to it if you want to also use it for music or action movies. Wouldn't its inherent weak bass make it a wonderful system for the spoken word for us old fxxxx, and when used in this manner wouldn't it be correct to shut the dang sub off if we are just doing "normal" programing? Then if the old doofus that I am wants to listen to my own music or the music channels on DTV, or watch an action movie, then and only then turn on the sub? Seems to me the Heresy would be the perfect TV speakers for folks who hate dealing with 5.1 or 7.1 complicated and downright irritating gadgetry.
  3. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-ii-speakers/6536066443.html
  4. Hey Everyone, I had such a great response from the forum last time I posted here that I decided instead of again suffering too much trying to figure out the answer myself I would again ask here (see below for my previous post). There is such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience here that I would be foolish to not ask for your insight and ideas. I want to do a refresh on my Klipsch Heresy I speakers crossovers, they haven't been touched since they were produced in 1977. I have decided that I want to do the following: - replace the Capacitors (100%) - replace the wire (maybe not but I kinda do) - understand what those strange things are look like metal frames holding a wound up paper with wires going into it (there are two of them, and they are the only other thing than the capacitors in the crossover, can these fail? should they be replaced?) - any success with replacing the terminals on the back of the speakers? Is this necessary? I feel like to be sure it would be good to replace them, but I hate the idea of changing the speakers too much, especially externally. So from what I understand is that many consider the Sonicaps too bright and therefore I have leaned towards two options: - Mundorf Silver in Oil - Jensen NOS Paper in Oil (if I can secure them) So the questions that I have currently are: - Have you tried the Mundorf or the Jensen? What caps have you had success with? - I need a parts list with specific measurements required and I can't decipher a electronic schematic, thank god I have a good and honest tech here locally so I can get the work done, soldering, ect. - any suggestions for wire that I should use internally for these speakers? I understand that it is better to have a bit of a smaller gauge especially when using a tube amplifier and highly efficient speakers. Should I keep the original? These speakers are in surprisingly good condition for their age... I'll ping the stand up guys that helped me the first time. Thanks guys! @JohnA @jimjimbo @CECAA850 @MC39693
  5. Hey Klipsch Fans! I have scoured the forums looking for the information that I am asking now. I am sure that it is there but I have both looked hard and I have been looking casually for an answer for a couple weeks now so... here it goes... I picked up my first pair of Klipsch Heresy I in Oiled Walnut. The speakers seem to be in great shape and have all the original components as you'd hope. One speaker I am sure has an issue with the K-77 Round Magnet Tweeter. I went out and bought myself a little multi-meter and took measurements from the offending tweeter. It measures well. Right around 6ohms and and stable continuity. What I have experienced with the tweeter is that it simply doesn't put anything out. I tried a 20 hz - 20khz YouTube video and tested both speakers and I am sure that this speaker worked up to the point of the tweeter, where it full stop didn't work (no buzzing, no hizz, no crackle, just silent). The other speaker performed flawlessly. So now my question is this: Could the tweeter be blown and the driver still measure correctly? Do you think this could simply be that the crossover is 40+ years old? Do you think the crossover could completely stop an incoming signal? What could I check? I am worried that by checking I could then damage a perfectly good diaphragm and waste time and money. Thank you everyone for your time. I am by no means an expert but do I ever love the sound of these Heresy Speakers!
  6. Is either of the RC-52 a good center for a pair of Heresy in an HT set up?
  7. *A L L S O L D * FOUR (4) H E R E S Y ii (consecutive serial #'s) in B L A C K S A T I N $700 per pair ! Speakers are in nice condition ! (see pics)
  8. I have a pair of kp-201's that came out of a small, 1 room church in a little town. They sound great and probably were only used for voice PA or light gospel music. Very light use. Someone at the church built cabinets out of panneling to cover the industrial look and make them blend in with the church's decor. They also built tan grills for them. Not that bad actually, but can easily be removed and brought back to the black industrial finish. They sound EXCELLENT! No issues. I simply have no room for all of my gear at the new house so I am selling these. Yes you can demo them before purchase if you come to pick them up or if you have an inverter in your car Pick up or meeting near ATLANTA Ga. NO SHIPPING!! $450 obo. OR TRADE ( PArtial ) for RF-3 ii's or RF-7's. Cash my way or yours depending on condition, model, and what we agree upon. Thanks email or text me if interested. Jonathan. jonathan.p.lapointe1@gmail.com (678) 837-8379
  9. Ok, finally got the xo's out of the home brew CW's. I need to double check with some of you guys to make sure they are correct B xo for the Supers. These have the squawker on tap 3 and the tweet on 4. Take a look at the pics and see if i have all the correct components here. These will be going in later tonight when i get some time. Thanks
  10. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/6459248946.html No affiliation. I might be interested in the La Scala cabs if anyone wanted to do a group buy & haul, but they'd have to be coming through STL because I have no way of hauling anything.
  11. Hey there gents, I am new to this particular forum. Im looking to get some used La Scala's off craigslist. I am no stranger to the hobby, but I have only ever purchased a pair of Heresy II's for restoration. What are some of the checklist items that someone needs to look for when making an offer for the heritage speakers, in my specific case, the la Scala. Ill start off with some of the basics that I know of e.g. Crites components, serial numbers, finish. etc Thanks in advance, I would appreciate your expertise!
  12. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/msg/d/klipsch-heresy-slant-stage/6445072737.html No affiliation. I've never seen this model before.
  13. https://columbiamo.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-speakers/6435929640.html $600. No affiliation.
  14. I just bought a pare of 1985 Heresy IIs that look and sound great, just as I would have expected. I'm wondering if there is any particular care I should give to the 32 year old beauties? Thanks Dwight
  15. I've got these posted on local craigslist. I'd prefer to keep the Heresy II's, but either way, I'm keeping one pair. Heresy II kg 4.2
  16. Currently I’m using La Scalas (1980) for two channel music. Mostly iPod, vinyl or CDs powered by a motley & random assortment of amps from an ONIX SP3 tube amp, to old Kenwood SS amps & receivers. HT is mostly used for gaming and is powered by a lower end Yamaha (RX-V471), using RF 52IIs, LR; KV-1 as Ctr., with SB2s bringing up the rear. (No Sub... I know, don’t even go there.) It’s been adequate for light TV and gaming use. Recently, I’ve started playing with the La Scalas in the HT set up as LR mains. Obviously, the other speakers aren’t able to keep up. Now, I’m fortunate to also have a pair of Heresy 1s (1980 built by HDBRbuilder). I’ve found that replacing the KV-1 with a Heresy, produces some impressive results. So now I’m thinking; move both the Heresys to rear duty, with the La Scalas LR. All good, except now I’m short a Center speaker. Which brings me to the question. Should I get a single (used) Heresy for the Center, or is something like an RP450C going to be a better idea? A single Heresy is going to be way more affordable. Thoughts? Criticisms? Room is appx. 12’X20’X8’ Also, feel free to weigh in on HT Receiver upgrade choices. Thanks in advance.
  17. I recently bought a pair of Heresy HBRs S/N 8512896, 8512896. Can someone help me verify and date these? Thanks!
  18. I’m an Italian musician and Klipsch Fan, i’m Searching for a pair of Klipsch Heresy Slant Monitors HSM, where can I find a pair of these speakers for sale?
  19. Hello everyone, I bought a couple of Klipsch Heresy I 1972 (Tweeter: K77 Midhorn: K700 plus K55V driver, woofer: K22E alnico NOT RED SURROUND OF H700 Model) They have Type C crossovers but the woofers impedance is 8 ohm. Do I have to change the crossovers on type D or E configuration?
  20. I've never seen these but was contemplating going out to take a look. Has anyone ever heard a pair of Industrial Heresy's? https://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-matched-pair-klipsch/6326858197.html
  21. Hey guys. I have an amp question in relation to the Heresy lll. I have a Primare i22 that i don't use anymore and i have been seriosly considering getting a pair of Heresy speakers. They will be playing a turntable and something Spotify related. Propably a Bluesound Node 2. I have read that they really like tubes though. So would a somewhat new integrated like the i22 be a stupid match? Thanks.☺
  22. What is the best series of Heresy I----or II------and what dates in the production? OPINIONS PLEASE!
  23. Hi, I'm new here and in Klipsch world. I'm thinking about to buy a new speakers and some months ago I listened Klipschhorn and I felt in love, its aesthetics, sound, .... I'm living in Barcelona and there's no shops to listen them and compare. I have a room of 25-30m2 (5x6) and I don't know which one could fit better to me. Forte is too much for this kind of room? It'd be better a Heresy? It's for music, mainly, jazz, soul and sometimes soulful house. Could you help me with amplifier as well? Nowadays I have a Cambridge Audio 640a (75wx4), Could it works till I get a better one? Any recommendation? Many thanks guys
  24. I am looking for one matching Klipsch K-22e woofer to restore a set of Heresy 1 speakers. Have a look at the picture to see that it is a square magnet with 67-8305 code on it (not sure if that is important). I am in Canada and will be driving through New York state to North Adams, MA on Thursday September 14th for the weekend in case someone is located along the way who has one to sell. I am open to other option, including a set of matching Heresy woofers or perhaps someone has had a set of Heresy woofer's re-coned and has information on who can do a really good job.
  25. It's not my sale, and I wish that I had space for more speakers. $400 Canadian, seems like a great price. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/city-of-toronto/klipsch-hersey-speakers/1282022234
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