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  1. Recently acquired a pair of beautiful Heresy IIs in New Zealand. I had the house to myself and was playing them on the louder side. I noticed a small distorted sound come from the right speaker followed by silence in both the Midrange and Woofer. I've made sure it wasn't an issue with the amplifier, nor the crossovers and connections, by switching crossover between the speakers and checking connections. I have been doing my research reading similar posts on this forum. However, I'm at a loss as to how to replace the Midrange diaphragm? There doesn't seem to be any replacements in stock online currently. As for the woofer, it seems like the best action would to be either by a secondhand woofer from eBay, or completely swap out both drivers with third party replacements from someone like Crites? Thanks for any information. I desperately want to resolve the issue to get back to listening again.
  2. While they are remodeling my den/home theater, I’m going to get them to reinforce the ceiling, building places to mount 6 Heresy II, for incorporation into my home theater. First pair I want to go on modified bookshelves, where the kg3 & kg1’s are now.
  3. Anyone have a pair, with screws, collecting dust?
  4. I have owned a pair of KP201s in road livery for several years, and have used them mostly as HT mains and for boombox duty for outdoor volleyball with a little class D PC board amp and SLA battery. Recently a friend asked me to provide an amp and speakers for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception dance, and not wanting to transport my big multiamped DIY system, the KP201s seemed the most suitable candidates for FOH duty along with an 18" B&C sub and a couple of Behringer iNuke 1000s. My expectations for the setup were limited given the difficulty of getting high SPL outdoors, but I thought I would get by if I didn't push too hard. I set up the dance system against an exterior wall, and crossed to the sub at 150hz to limit bass content to the KPs. Long story shortened (a bit), the sound was phenomenal! Clear and musical without a hint of strain at disco/rave SPL levels to about 50 feet out from the system. The audience were thrilled and the dance floor was full and lively all evening long. I really had no idea the KPs were capable of this level of high SPL performance, especially the mid and high drivers running wide open. I kept telling those many who complimented the sound that they should come over and hear my GOOD speakers. ;-> Call me very impressed indeed, considering that I was using what are in essence home stereo speakers costumed as PA.
  5. Prefer a pair of 3 Slant Risers, &/or Pair or 3 FLAT Risers in Walnut Oiled... One odd slant riser ok in Black. Greenback$, Trade, Partial Trade, &/or Firm Handshake OK.
  6. Hello All, I just wanted to share my experience on dealing with cabinet separation on a pair of Heresy IIs that I had purchased. After purchasing the speakers and getting them home, I had realized that one of the speakers had seam separation on the top right and lower left sections of the cabinet which I believe was caused by being droped during shipping. Since this was resulting in an unsealed cabinet and the possible loss of some of the low end of the speaker, I decided to see what I could do to correct this and possibly make them more sturdy in the process. My first step was to remove the woofer of the speaker and see how these things were built. As you can see by the photo below, these speakers are held together by a small rectangular wooden brace and "squirted" with a fair amount of wood glue to keep the corners together. This piece is what had become slightly detached from the cabinet wall and my focus turned to how best to approach this. After careful consideration, I elected to replace a few of the wood braces with new pieces and use a combination of careful use of screws and strong wood glue to support the cabinet. My hope is that the addition of the screws would be better able to support the cabinet and better hold the integrity of the seal together over time. This was done to the other speaker in order to match any slight variation on acoustics that this could have caused on the one, although I could not tell A/B after doing just the one.
  7. Hi, this is the first time I have ever been on a forum and I am not really sure how this all works. Any advice is welcome. I am a custom cabinet builder and I love speakers. I like to purchase speakers that are in rough shape and build new cabinets for them. I recently took a rp280f that was damaged and turned it into a center channel speaker. I would like to rebuild a pair of tangent 500 speakers to match but want to make a better cab. I’ve heard people say it has essentially the same components as the heresy 2 but doesn’t sound as good. What can I do when I rebuild them to make them sound better? Can I change the horns to fastrac horns? Thanks. Here is the rp280f that I converted.
  8. EDIT: Sold. These were acquired on eBay to go to a middle school band or to my younger son. The band will get KP-201s. My son chose a pair of The Sixes, so these need a new home. I’ll struggle along with a pair of HIPs and DIY “Super Heresys.” These sound great. I’m enjoying Kind of Blue as I type. All drivers work. The networks are original. The grilles are Good, except for no badges. They began life as HBR before they received a dark brown stain job that Stevie Wonder would reject. The cabinets are in good condition and could easily be refurbished to look as good as they sound.
  9. *A L L S O L D * FOUR (4) H E R E S Y ii (consecutive serial #'s) in B L A C K S A T I N $700 per pair ! Speakers are in nice condition ! (see pics)
  10. I have a pair of kp-201's that came out of a small, 1 room church in a little town. They sound great and probably were only used for voice PA or light gospel music. Very light use. Someone at the church built cabinets out of panneling to cover the industrial look and make them blend in with the church's decor. They also built tan grills for them. Not that bad actually, but can easily be removed and brought back to the black industrial finish. They sound EXCELLENT! No issues. I simply have no room for all of my gear at the new house so I am selling these. Yes you can demo them before purchase if you come to pick them up or if you have an inverter in your car Pick up or meeting near ATLANTA Ga. NO SHIPPING!! $450 obo. OR TRADE ( PArtial ) for RF-3 ii's or RF-7's. Cash my way or yours depending on condition, model, and what we agree upon. Thanks email or text me if interested. Jonathan. jonathan.p.lapointe1@gmail.com (678) 837-8379
  11. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/6459248946.html No affiliation. I might be interested in the La Scala cabs if anyone wanted to do a group buy & haul, but they'd have to be coming through STL because I have no way of hauling anything.
  12. Morning all, My last foray into classic Klipsch was a set of Forte where I couldn’t survive the demo. Possibly part of it was the hard room, and possibly part of it was the Carver receiver it was hooked up to. However, I left them at the seller’s home, as their sound was not for me. Now a set of Heresy II have come available locally, and I am curious to if they are worth pursuing, based on my experiece with the Fortes? Welcome your options, friendly Klipsch community.
  13. Hello everyone, I am totally new to the technical aspect of speakers and other audio equipment so bear with me. I have just recently inherited a pair of Heresy II speakers on risers as well as a Denon PMA-737 receiver. I absolutely love the set up and want to keep it for good. So here's the issue: At first everything worked fine and then in one of the speakers the mids/lows started to crackle even at low volumes. It got bad enough that I just unplugged one and used the remaining good speaker. The same thing started to happen to the second one but didn't get that bad until one day there was a quiet pop and all of a sudden the only signal coming out of the good speaker was extremely faint and heavily distorted/crackly. At first I though maybe there was a problem with the signal coming from the receiver, but I plugged my headphones in directly and there was no problem that I could tell; granted I don't know how to do any tests on a receiver. I would prefer to learn how to do this myself but I am also willing to take it to a pro if necessary. So what are some tests I could perform or potential fixes to this? What tools or other materials would I need? Layman's terms are appreciated! I don't even know how to open them up to have a look inside to take pictures for you all so help there would be appreciated as well. I would greatly appreciate any help. Apologies if I overlooked a thread already answering some of this. If no one has the time to discuss in detail, links to helpful resources are an appreciated substitute. Thank you!
  14. I recently picked up a pair of Tangent T-5000's at a very good price and am quite pleased with them. I have see people refer to them having Heresy drivers in a larger box. But after a bit of research I have found they have k-75-k, k-53-k and k-28-k drivers of which the woofer is 4 ohms not 8. So wouldn't it be more accurate to say they are more like Forte I's in a larger (though cheaper built) box?
  15. Bought these back in the early 1980s, have them sitting in a closet for 20+ years,so best to move them to someone who will use and appreciate. Great shape, USA made, stained pine, will send photos or more info as required upon request, howardende at hotmail dot com. Seeking $500/pair, not including shipping. In upstate, ny and I would be willing to meet locally for transfer or mail charging actual costs only.
  16. I recently picked up a pair of Heresy II speakers and was wondering when they were built. Serial number on one speaker is 8677680. The crossover has a date on it of 1985. In addition what are the dimensions of the stands so I can make some stands for my new old speakers. Thanks in advance Tom
  17. I'm primarily looking for 2-channel and don't crank the volume. Finesse, detail, clarity are what I'm looking for. Currently up for consideration are a pair of Forte II's for $450 vs. Tangent 5000's for $400. Which would you choose and why; what do you think are the strengths & weaknesses of each pair? Would you choose differently if these were for home theater instead of 2-channel?
  18. So I love my heresy ii's and my forte II's but I cant afford that nice tube amp yet so I am always looking for a way to lower the output of the tweeter and skwaker in both speaker sets as they are both a bit forward with my current solid state AV amp. Now I know that the answer is a better amp and that is coming!!!! but for the time being I was wondering if anyone has used L pads to attenuate the tweeter and skwaker of either of the 2 sets of speakers I own? If anyone has used them, how did it sound? did you use fixed or variable L pads? Where did you get them or who makes quality ones? or if fixed was used what value resistors were used? Thanks guys Bryan
  19. I've been thinking about building a set of subs to use as speaker stands for a pair of heresy II's , has anyone tried this? 12" or 15" subs? if anyone has done this and would care to share thier box design and results I'd love to see it. Thanks in advance guys
  20. I have read stuff on this website for a long time but this is my first post, so thanks in advance for any help. I have a nice pair of heresy II's but was thinking about having some tangent 400 cabs built and transferring the components of the herersy's to get better/lower LF. A) has anyone done this? B ) does anyone have the plans for tangent 400's (cant seem to find any online) C) if anyone has done this is it worth the effort?
  21. RELISTED!!!! http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/5447805587.html
  22. I have a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers for sale. They are factory sequential numbered. Serial numbers are 37R348 & 37R349. They are in excellent condition, with one small area on the lower left back corner of the 348 speaker (see photo). Walnut finish. Made in 1977, I have owned them since 79, bought from a friend who upgraded & they have been with me since! Also have wooden floor stands for them that are included. Hopefully, all my pictures come through. Prefer local pickup, but I am willing to ship if you're willing to pay! Any questions, let me know. $600 I'm in the Sarasota, FL area.
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