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Klipsch crossovers


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I don't like messing with the coils, I've had too many negative experiences. People need to understand that every audible change is not necessarily a technical improvement (which should lead to audible improvement). Said simply - just because it's different doesn't mean it's "better".

Glory hallelujah and amen brother. Too many times people make changes and are so proud of what they've done when they have actually taken a step backward. Different isn't always better.

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Thank you for the clarity of the explanations. My goal is just to rebuild the crossover with better caps and resistances qualities.
The inductors are fixed with a really strong glue. I tried to scrape the glue but it is really hard and I'm afraid to damage the inductors.
This is why I am asking for information about 3 inductors.
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No KG-4 schematric here, but alot of some others.

I thought I had it, but evidently I don't. But I do have T-S specs for the K-8-K woofer used in the KG 4:

Nomz=  4.00 Ohms   Qms= 5.900  Fs= 27.99 Hz   Cms= 1268.0000uM/N

Revc=  7.00 Ohms   Qes= 0.405  Fi=27.01 Hz    Mms= 25.5000Grams

Levc=  1.00mH      Qts= 0.379  BL=8.80 TM     Pmx= 100.0000Watts

Splo=  88.62 db    no=  0.40 %  Sb=  0.0220sqM = 34.1000sqIn

SPLi=  88.00db    ni=  0.74 %  Vas= 0.0870cuM  =3.0724cuFT

SPLi=88.58db  @  Vg= 2.00V Xmax= 4.0000mm....= 0.1575 In
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FYI, I created a Gallery for crossover schematics:


Anyone have a KG 3.5 schematic? Or KG 3.2? Or even KG 3?

That's a great idea. The best use for the Gallery to date, IMO. It would be cool to make a Klipsch speaker identification gallery as well. Many of the older models are not available on the regular Klipsch site. If their is a way to put them in order of age it would be that much better.

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