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Predict the Super Bowl Score


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Saints: 35

Colts: 28

Reason: Temps in the 70's and Saints have better history when it's hot. It will be dry but still very humid and that affects long ball passage and kicks. I disagree with the bookies in regards to their predicted spread of 35-31. I could be wrong and usually am so if I' correct then I'll be surprised as usual.... LOLOL!!!

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The game is a good contest between two top rivals, but football
isn't what really matters. While America has fallen asleep in front of
the television let so many distractions take over its thoughts, our
country has been looted financially, our military has been used to carry
out ever-expanding wars, our President and Congress have ignored the
Constitution and our people have stopped their participation in the

Until we wake up and fight back against the damage being
wielded politically, we have no business getting caught up in
gladiatorial distractions. The heat of the contest has become a
substitute for our real manhood. Our tribal instincts to protect the
community and drive away its enemies has been overtaken by the thrill of
cheering, shouting, painting our faces and wearing the colors of a

Remember what really matters
on this Super Bowl weekend-- forget the pizza, nachos and the half-time
musicians and educate yourself, your family and your neighbors on what
the globalists have done by design to our culture and our very humanity.

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While I am one who pays attention to the things dkp speaks of, today is a day I put all that aside, and enjoy the one thing this country can still unify around - the Super Bowl. Having attended four Super Bowl host city weeks, I can tell you that this is truly a day where people put those issues aside. It's nice that we still can!

My only regret is not being there. This year's game is the lowest priced secondary (scalper/broker) Super Bowl since XXXVI (the 9-11 rescheduled Super Bowl) - if the game were at a place I could drive to, I would not be on this forum now. Assuming the 2011/2012 game isn't canceled due to strike/lockout, you can count on me being at Lucas Oil (or whatever megacorp has it's name on it then) Stadium two years from now.

Suggestion: Hold 2011/2012 Klipsch pilgrimage during Super Bowl week, Feb 2012[8-|]

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