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If Jim Beam......


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The recipe is VERY specific. Five ice cubes (not 4, not 6, not 7) frozen with bottled purified water, not the pool water that comes out of my faucet go in to an old fashion glass. Glass please no plastic permitted. Pour in your choice of bourbon (mine is Maker's Mark) to the top of the ice cubes. Allow to sit for 10 minutes before consuming. Sip and savor. DO NOT gulp or chug unless you're just looking to get drunk. If that is the goal choose a different liquor.



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Since I have been laid-off, I have pretty much stayed away from drinking alcohol very often. I have been occasionally experimenting to find suitable, less expensive (CHEAP!) substitutes for some of the premium liquors I have in stock that I normally use during "better times".

I do not use bourbon as my sipping whiskey. For sipping, I prefer a good Irish Whisky such as Jameson's, Tullymore Dew, Black Bush or Old Bushmills and also Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey.

Bourbon & 7up:

In Michigan, a liter of Jim Beam (80 proof) goes for about $17-$18. I have tried Ezra Brooks (90 proof) and it surprisingly nearly tastes better and is only $11.99 per liter. Also, there is Evan Williams (86 proof) which is a slight step down from Beam but acceptable for $11.25 per liter. Early Times (80 proof) will also work at $8.99 per liter, but it's almost a bit too sweet.

Tequila for shots:

Verna's benchmark is Patron Silver, about $49 per fifth in Michigan. (I prefer Don Julio for around $56.) I have enjoyed Hornitos by Sauza for about $26 per liter. el Jimador Blanco is under $20 and not bad. The biggest surprise for me was Poncho Villa. It's supposed to be in the bargain bin for around $10 bucks, but it is very smooth for what it is. But, it's not Patron.


I am not a vodka drinker unless it's for a martini or the occasional Cosmo. We keep Grey Goose (wheat from France) and Three Olives (wheat from England) around and some of our friends like Absolut (wheat from Sweden) so we have that, too. I like Luksusowa (potato from Poland), maybe because I am 1/4 Polish? lol


One item I don't like to scrimp is gin. Although I don't drink it very often, I do enjoy an occasional gin and tonic. I prefer Bombay Sapphire to all other brands I've tried.

The items above just begin to scratch the surface of our collection of spirits (Scotches, cordials, liquers, wine, mixers, etc). I simply enjoy having what our guests like on hand, instead of having to run to the store. We love friends and we love to entertain, so having what my friends like just goes hand-in-hand with being a good host. :)


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Alright. The next "gathering"....I'm gonna have a camera beamin' the IBSlammin to catch his party in action. It's overdue. I can't give credit to the Beam on that pic. Something else had come over me.



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