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Get Ready, Its coming Back!!!! Nov 2nd


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Although I would eat almost anything if it taste good I think I will stick with pork ribs with pork ribs in it, don't really care for organs. Ick!

So that's why you have that probe!

Not really my favorite organ to probe with but I still use it.

The truth is I welded the 1/2" coupling to screw the thermometer into the pit but never did order the thermometer so I just used an electric one. The real truth is I need 4 thermometers total to cover both smokers at about $30 apiece plus a new electric one which is about $60 and didn't want to part with the money just yet. [:$]

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Havent we been eating that in hotdogs all along??

Yep but I can live without a fake rib sandwich but I love hotdogs and sausage. I don't know why but i do love a good hotdog or 3.

Me too, just with kraut and a good mustard, I think it is either the hooves or snouts. I have heard it makes them much tastier!!!!

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Ok.... enough!!!...... I just went out and bought six of them..... finished 5.... Very good....

I'd like to comment further..., but the ambulance, the office psycho-shrink, my wife, and two reps from McD's dressed like the MIB in a strange black SUV with antennas are here and they are trying to get me to surrender the 6th McRib and give up all my guns and meds.....

I'll get back to you on the actual subliminal taste test part.....

Which reminds me, if you taste one it's a taste test.... If you eat more than one is it a taste testes?


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From this story.


"McDonald's relationship with the pork industry goes back to the McRib's conception. In 1972, Roger Mandingo, a University of Nebraska professor, received a grant from the National Pork Producer's council to develop a technology that bound small "umarketable parts of the animal" into a formation that looked more appetizing. In other words, he figured out how to mold tripe, heart or stomach bits into something that looked like a choice cut of meat. Let's say, the ribs."

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