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RF-7II Owners Thread


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My RF7-II's have been powered in the past with Onkyo TX-SR875 and this sounded very good to my ears.

Recently, I've upgraded to the new flagship receiver by Onkyo, the TX-NR5010.

It *does* sound better, but this is because the NR5010 has several improved parts ; XT32 roomcorrection,better pre-amp,better DAC's and better power-stages.

To me,the Onkyo <-> Klipsch combo is a good one

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I own it. Incredibly happy with it so far. Incredible features, great video quality compared to others I've seen, and pairs really well with the RF-7iis. As an aside, you should be able to find it cheaper on Amazon or Newegg. Haven't checked lately, obviously, but I'd look into it if I were you. Could save you a few bucks. I think I got one for under $700 during a short sale.

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Yeah, I got the NR5010 brandnew in the box but for much less then listed due to very urgent buy/sell action from someone.
Here in Europe, the NR5010 is listed +- 2400 euros (= +- 3150 USD) but I payed about 1000$ less...otherwise I would not have done it.
Now I'm very happy, it is one hell of machine !!

For the NR818, this is also a very capable machine with lots of features! (eg. Audessey XT32, excellent video-quality etc)
Sure, some compromises have been made in certain area's compared to eg. the NR5010, but I don't think you can go wrong with this machine.
The RF7-II's play so effortlessly...

There are so many AVR's out there it is almost impossible to test them all ... by that time there is already a new generation...

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Once I added the Emotiva monoblocks the sub wasn't needed at all, even for 2 channel movies bass is amazing from the 7s even @ low volumes.

I thought the same thing. I changed my settings to shut the sub off completely and found myself walking up to it thinking it was still on while listening to music. The 7ii's have amazing bass!

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I agree that the RF-7ii's put out good bass, especially with a nice power amp. However Invictus76 never mentioned an issue with the bass. That's usually a pretty easy fix. His complaint was with the high frequencies and overall presentation of the speakers.

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I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I don't quite understand what running seprates means. I take it this is a sperate amp. So you run everything from your reciever into the seprate amp?? And does the sperate amp still run your music as well as you HT?? I've experimented with the speaker placement in this room and feel I've got it pretty good.

Seperates basically means a seperate amp and processor as opposed to an "all in one" unit such as an AVR with internal amplification.

All of your sources will run to the receiver or processor. The receiver is then connected to the amp via the pre-outs of the receiver with rca cables (1 per channel l/c/r/surrounds,etc.). The speakers are then connected to the amp.

Looking at your current receiver however, it lacks "pre-outs" so in order to add an external amp would require an upgraded AVR with pre-outs or a pre/ pro (preamp/processor no internal ampflication)

Check your local audio stores as many will let you audition in your own home with no risk (at least here anyways)

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I had upgraditis for awhile, I've had my 7ii's a little less than a year. I upgraded center to RC64ii about six months before that, a 12" Klipsch sub and repurposed Quintet fronts as new rears. I spent six months reading & chatting about separates vs. AVR for my
space. I do almost equal parts audio and video. I've always liked Yamaha hardware, upgraded to A2010 w/pre-outs, so incredibly pleased. now, I listen to music and movies very differently.

music is 2 channels, only 7's, put yammie into what's called "pure direct' mode, turns off processors and the whole front panel display except for a small blue
LED. can't really describe how fantastic it sounds, 'unadulterated.'
all digital, no physical media. the A2010 has built-in Pandora, Sirius, internet radio, which I've gotten really into. Or, I stream from an i-device.

movies whether streaming or blu-ray from a PS3, full surround, and/or utilizing Yammie's digital sound processing to upconvert audio.

Overall, part of my enjoyment of the 7's comes from easily playing with settings. AVR's built-in speaker calibration software, tight integration with Yamaha's iOS apps (which I still think is by far the best out there right now), and my Logitech Harmony remote = I never have touch either of the yammie's AVR remotes. I can control the sub from the harmony remote.... all without getting off the sofa.

It's all about what sounds good to you - but in my space the A2010 sounds pretty awesome to my ears. I don't feel like i need to add an amp at this point. If I want more bass in a particular movie, i can notch that up remotely. Maybe in the future if i added an amp i'd take out the sub and reclaim that floorspace.... the sub is big footprint, but I think for now, I'm good.

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Prior to switching my amp/pre everyone who came threw my door commented on the brightness of the RF7s including myself.

With the new set up, it was all cleaned up , very nicely, crystal clear and balanced , my last amp/pre just wasn't for the RF7s imo, which I purchased unheard and on reviews alone , I can even go as far to say it made my TT and CD player sound like I replaced those as well which I didn't. [;)]

Dramatic difference in sound now and loving it.

its Miller time


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