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Battleship sounds amazing


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Just watched Battleship at home. Thought it had a very aggressive soundtrack. Worth cranking this one! Cool

Watched it at -5 dB.

Based on your other post I assume you watched it on DVD?

I saw it at the theater and was impressed with the sound track. It's a pretty decent movie and should be good on blu-ray.

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Can't wait for those days to come when I can crank my system that low without vibrating everything in my living room...

How was the video on your new screen?

Still using the same old plasma screen we bought long time ago. It is SD. Fine for DVDs.

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Rented Battleship last night and was not dissapointed! Lot of action: you could feel the sound while watching the movie. I don't know how anybody could watch that at reference level and still be able to hear by the end of the movie. I had my system at -15 and got a back massage from the subs.

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