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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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A superbly over looked movie in as far as the academy goes... by far the best movie to come along in YEARS. the only thing is that the BD looses something in the translation from 65mm film stock. the life has gone out of the image but it's not a resolution issue.

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Just watched this tonight with my son since he wants to go see the 2nd movie next weekend.

Pretty "hokey" movie. Almost everything is CGI, not sure they did any real stunts. LOL

Movie was descent...ok borderline lame, but sound was great. Lots of LFE.


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This was a blast to watch on the new projector. Not quite as good as any of the Lord of the Rings movies though IMHO.

This is one that I have to get in 3D. I missed it at the theater in Dolby atmos. I wonder how that differs from other movies since speakers are in the ceiling and floor.

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