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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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The Expendables 2 [blu-ray + Digital Copy + UltraViolet]

As good if not better than the 1st one. Yes

I have to disagree. The story is so full of holes, you can't take it seriously. The numerous heros are instantaneously transported, heavy guns and all, in the middle of public places. I really wish I hadn't seen this one.

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How would you rate the soundtrack?

Well it did have some minor problems, overall it was ok but there was an occasional noticeable drop or quick skip. This may have just been the blu-ray disc I rented but I have seen other people mention and complain about dropouts with this blu-ray disc as well so it seems there maybe some problems with the recording. It wasn't that bad for me though it was noticeable, I watched it in Dolby TrueHD.

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Picked this one up from Redbox last night, enjoyed it.

Rented it last night! The movie begins with great LFE! Loved the sound track!

The downside for me on this movie was physics. If they had a shaft going through the earth (even the super hot liquid parts), then I would have liked them to make it free-fall all the way to the other side: accelerating to the center, then deccelerating to the surface on the opposite side (with next to zero energy requirements). But if that were the case they would experience zero-g throughout the whole trip, not just the middle transition. So I guess it's a normal constant speed elevator, but that should take way too long to cross the globe.

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