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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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FINALLY released on BD in limited numbers... and they did a great job on the bluray conversion.

The movie looks restored... saturation, contrast and clarity are

outstanding for a B movie. Not reference level, but pretty darn close.

I remember watching that movie with my older brother, he had to sneak me into the theater lol.

Anyways I remember it being good.

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Youthman I think your son will love this Spiderman, I took my son to see it in the theaters and I definitely think its the best installment of the Spiderman movies.

Oh he loves it alright. I took him and a few of his friends to see it the weekend it came out. Awesome movie.

My son is 13yrs old and loves watching superhero movies (Avengers, Ironman, Spiderman, Batman etc) as well as Marvel Comics.

Here was a post on his Facebook on Wednesday.


having a celebrationn by watching all 3 of tem then friday BAMM the new 1 haha ;)) WHOOOO HOOOO

He's pretty excited. Over the past few months, he has added a ton of posters and comics to his wall.


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Speed Racer [blu-ray]

My son and I watched this one tonight. Great use of color in this film. Story line was kinda predictable IMO. Not sure I will want to watch this again but my son who is 5 loved it. It was an overall fun movie to watch.

I thought the wachowski's did a great job with this movie... that ending race sequence with the montage was outstanding.

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^^^I watched that on VUDU and definitely want to pick up the bluray. I'm curious if there is going to be a follow up to that one.

They definetley answered a lot of questions but brought up new ones. I would love to see them make a sequel but I think that was Ridley Scotts idea was to leave questions unanswered.
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Not an earth shaking blow them up movie but I watched a wonderful film called "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas" yesterday and it was very impacting. No real graphic images but a lot of symbalism and horrific implications.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas [blu-ray]


Yeah this movie was sad, I wasnt expecting that at all... great movie, one that you will remember for sure.
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