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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Just finished Snow White and the Huntsman which I picked up from Red Box today. I enjoyed it and the DTS-HD Master Audio sound track sounded great


I liked this movie as well... the wife picked it and we were both very surprised. I didn't think I'd like it at all and she thought it would be happy and sweet. I ended up liking it a lot and she thought it was just O.K.. It ended up being my kind of movie hahaha.
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We watched this just a few nights ago. It was the first BD to be played since theHT has been put back together after the flood.

Great bass and special effects, good score too. A thouroughly enjoyable evening.

Had to laugh a bit though... There's just no way we could ever have that many real-time oceanographic buoys deployed.

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Good msystery movie. I need to see part II. Part I is 8 out of 10 IMHO.

We must have watched two different movies by the same name ...I thought it was one of the worst movies in the past 5 years. Wish i could get back the time i've wasted on it.

My rating would be 0 on 0-10 scale.

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Abraham-Lincoln-Vampire-Hunter-3.jpeg I rather enjoyed it, my wife did not for whatever reason. Some good audio and visuals mixed with a fun movie.

For a guy that was as gifted and talented as Abe appears to be in dealing with the "vampires," he was pretty much off his game when he went to the theatre that last night.
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FINALLY released on BD in limited numbers... and they did a great job on the bluray conversion.

The movie looks restored... saturation, contrast and clarity are
outstanding for a B movie. Not reference level, but pretty darn close.

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