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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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i actually think direct tv 3d programming does a better job than watching the blu ray 3d movies call me crazy lol, but i have the best 3d tv to date the 58vt25 panasonic, i also dont watch the 3d movies enough or take advantage like i should. The ps3 games look the best to me in 3d just dont like wearing the glasses while playing games lol.

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A middle of the road action movie with to much LFE that seemed like noise with no point to it. The new Total Recall was a much better BD.

Did you watch it in 3D? I wish I could rent 3D's from redbox or even blockbuster.

I watched Dredd last night and it was just dreadful (dreddful) the disc i rented had both the 2d and 3d versions on it.

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I thought Bourne Legacy was good, but Im not a big Ed Norton fan, and he looks too young to be a retired Colnel....

Seems about right , my dad was a Lt. Colonel for 3 years when he retired at age 41 . As far as the movie I liked it and thought they did a good job with the tie in to the previous Bourne movies .
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