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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Prometheus Poster

I liked it cause it answered some questions and added new questions.

Alien is still the best!

I am definitely going to pick this up, there was an interview with Ridley Scott and he hinted at a sequel to Prometheus, he also confirmed Blade Runner 2. I guess I'm a sci-fi junky at heart but I'm very excited.

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the soundtrack is superb in my humble O. I have always liked the star trekian use of horns to establish majesty and Prometheus makes good use of this.

One thing I did notice, I am only running 2.1 right now... and the ST sounded slightly "lite" in comparison to the dialog , it could be a function of my set up. And since I opted for the 3D version of the movie with ALL THE GOODIES, I expected a directors cut

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