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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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I need to watch "Down by law" again......I like Sucker Punch....Beautiful cast and cool music!!! Went to the movies tonight and watched "Raiders of the lost ark" ......AMAZING!!!!!....One of the best movies ever!!!!.....Ben Burtt on sound FX(best soundman ever!!!!!!!!!!!)...so I had to follow it with something great......


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Descent movie and excellent movie to enjoy the LFE's. This movie is packed with action and all the characters shined.

Same here. Just bought it and watched it with my kids last night on my BRAND NEW PROJECTOR BULB! Outstanding PQ, LFE and really enjoyed the plot too. Overall a really great movie.

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Tron Legacy . The plot is exactly what one would expect it to be...


that a fathers struggle with internal moral demons of good and evil(maturity/spirituality vs impetuousness/desire) can transfer to and affect his children?

the telling scene is at the end of the movie where flynn has to grasp and hold onto his evil alter ego(clu), internalizing all the negative energy and effectively sacrificing himself by keeping that negative energy inside so as to not transfer this to his child... the legacy.

that old chestnut?

I think the movie played WAY over most peoples head.

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