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KPT-100's restored and ready to ship

mustang guy

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You are welcome.

I bought a few of the KPT-100 from Craig and they are awesome! And a super guy to do business with! They replaced Heresy surrounds to my 7.1 Heritage set up. Easier to mount on the wall than the Heresy's. Very pleased! Thanks Craig!!

No problem. I am happy they worked out so well. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to post them for all to see. It was a pleasure doing business with you as well, John!

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I may have missed this but would these be considered all weather?

Technically no, BUT mine are mounted outside on my back patio. They're in the heat and humidity but seem to be working fine. They are not exposed to rain where they're mounted though. They're not in direct sunlight either. The only thing I've noticed is some rust on the screw heads.

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I still have some of these left. I have one pair boxed and ready to ship. I have about 8 more restored and ready to box.

I may have missed this but would these be considered all weather?

Definitely not, unless of course you live in a desert. The box is MDF, and it not painted inside. The woofer is a paper cone. I toyed with weatherproofing one earlier in this thread, and it was a great big giant pain, and was expensive. It can be done, and without negative side effects. The only thing I don't know is how durable that superhydrophobic will last. It seems a bit fragile.

I wonder if it wouldn't be just as effective to simply treat the paper cone with some of that stuff you spray on leather shoes. The inside of the box should be painted to keep the mdf from swelling over time from humidity. That was the easy part. The superhydrophobic was a huge expensive pain.

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