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Last Concert You Attended


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Saw John Hiatt a couple of years back at the 9:30 club. Didn't have the Mississippi Alstars. Just him. Shawn Colvin opened, and did some duets at the end. He was strong, sounded no different than recordings. Also took the wife to see Van The Man at the Patriot Center back around the same time. She finally understood why I like to have my "Sunday Morning Morrrison" sessions.

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I've went to so many concerts in my lifetime I could not recall them all. At this point in life I really prefer to attend the smaller venue Concert Bar events with up and coming bands. The Macineshop in Flint Michigan books some really good starving artists and has an exceptional sound system. But now that I have moved north to gods country I rarely get to attend the Machineshop :(. Although it might be a good thing since I'm fairly sure the one time I forgot my audiophile ear plugs is the reason for the slight ringing that comes and goes in my left ear grrrrrrr..

If memory serves me correctly the last full size concert I attended was "PureTone" all the way. Audioflynn and I attended a Neil Young concert at DTE Music center the outdoor ampitheater north of Detroit that used to be called Pineknob. We had great seats! and it was one of the best sounding concerts I have ever attended. I still appreciate Audioflynn scoring the tickets via his employer at the times season tickets.

If you are a live event goer especially Rock music use ear protection plenty of well made ear plugs that will still let the music expereince happen while keeping your ears safe exist today.

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The last "Rock" concert I was at was ProgPower XIV in Atlanta, GA back in September. I am one of the sponsors of the show, thus I had full VIP access. that means I was able to get right up next to the stage in front of the crowd barrier to get some pictures:




Damnation Angels:



In the Silence:



Just this past Friday, I did attend a classical performance - Holst - The Planets with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra with Marian Alsop conducting.

On the 29th (the day after Thanksgiving), I'll be seeing Fates Warning at Empire.

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In all truthfulness the last concert that I attended was with Andre Rieu. It was an outstanding concert and very entertaining with his assemble of talented artists.

However, I sat in the wrong section of the auditorium (actually good seats) and was "dumped on" by a faulty fake snow releasing device. So upon hearing "The Beautiful Blue Danube" about 10 feet of fake snow fell on my section of the theatre. It was supposed to cover the entire front section of the theatre (coming down softly), however it all came down on my group all at once. Well, what can I say...

Great show.....

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Did check out ticket prices for the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra $16 a head for the one I checked on; not bad, now just need the Tux, Mini-Medals, Attire for the Wife &/or Girlfriend ;-) & a sitter for Lee & Jackson....

You are not just going to show up in cut-off shorts and a "wife beater" shirt like I do? :wacko:

In all seriousness, you don't need to dress all up in tuxes and the like to go to the symphony. I just pretty much wear the same thing like I wear to work, basically a nice pair of pants and shirt. I don't bother with ties and suits and the like, although I've seen people dress up in suits. At the same time, I've also seen people wearing shorts and t-shirts there as well.

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Good, very good, I HATE to wear neck ties. Love them on others.

Business suit, sans tie would work for me.

Most memorable concert for me was Beethoven's 9th Symphony at Sansouci, Potsdam, near Berlin, Germany. It was outside; no doubt I had on shorts & t-shirt.

I'm not sure how things have changed in your neck of the woods but I've been quite surprised with what passes for 'proper attire' at symphonies and operas these days. I guess if you can wear a hawaiian shirt to church, you can expect to get away with anything - even blue jeans and casual shirts. I still feel the need to respect the event and venue but must say that I haven't worn a tie to a concert in at least 10 years. I remember having to do it up with my sunday best but now a sport coat may be too much and a nice leather jacket doesn't turn a single head - I even wore white socks to my last opera... the horror!. Premiers and opening nights still seem to bring out the tuxes and formal dress but afterward, the drop off is pretty severe.

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Havent been to a big venue concert in years. In SF I normally go to small venues like the Great American Music Hall, Slims or occaisionally The Fillmore. Best recent show I attended happened to be in St Louis in August. At a club called Off Broadway, Norah Jones sat in with Corey Chisel . Great night of music. I will attend a pretty big show this weekend as a friend of mine will be playing bass in the Zack Brown band when they play in San Jose.


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