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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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1 minute ago, minermark said:

The family is known for Hay/Falfa/walnuts/cattle, they deal in whatever suits their land at the time.

This one Farm/Ranch had 60 acres of walnuts, but the trees have reached their 25 years "Cycle" meaning no dam good.

they fenced it off and 55 cows are keeping it mowed for a wile.

Question 1, does falfa mean alfala? That is a great livestock food; baled and hauled a lot in my day at a penny a bale (I was too small to lift and throw so I drove at the lower rate).
Sounds like standard crop rotation.
With your description I would classify generally as farm.

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2 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

I’ve no idea how this photo ended up on my phone.  But, you can see that, like a good child of the 60s, i’m still rockin the PF Flyers.



Rock On Big Stew, Rock On.

And remember - PF Flyers make you run faster and jump higher! You Go Dude -   

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Just now, twistedcrankcammer said:

That and working 2.5 hours from home

don’t miss those days. I used to live 13 miles from work and it took an hour to get home. The joys of the 405 Freeway in SoCal. Now that i’m retired different things affect my commute. things like, “do i really want to put on shoes?.”  

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Just now, minermark said:

pistachios have been going in just about every field available in the last 5 years.

Back to work.....

Luv me some 'stachios. We went to New Mexico last year, stopped at a place and bought kilos. Seems that somewhere along the way when cleaning out the mom-mo-bile we dumped them. They wife always makes sure I have a bag of salted from Sam's around.

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