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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Mornin' [almost too early to be morning] all

hope you all had an uneventful Good Friday.


 I went down early... wife stayed up late. We crossed paths as I was getting up.  Might have gone back to bed, except the tweakers are about....a problem that self-corrects if you can wait. 


Wife and I took a cruise into the hills yesterday.  Some nice patches of flowers. Mariposa lilies, BlueDicks [that is their real name], penestemons, lupines and no excess humans. We did see some BorderPatrol. Hope to, when you're 3 or 4 miles from the border. Creek was running enough to keep the pools fresh. All in all... beautiful. No pics. Midday sun is difficult to shoot in. The sun is soooooo bright that colors and detail wash out.  Need to take pic during the 'golden hour" just after sunrise or before sunset.


Lit the "furnace", one more time. 60` and rain predicted. Not complaining about the rain... those temps are on the fresh side for us. Average is 80.


Boy did some work at a branding. No RockyMountainOysters this time. Fine by me. Not a fan of organ meat...especially those. I might try them, if I don't know what they are. Said to taste like liver... automatic out. I hate liver. Not food in my dictionary.


Anyone here, eat dinner at dark thirty? How does that work out with DST? Wife is one that likes to dine later... sure glad we don't change times. Eating at 10P would kill me. That's the middle of the night, to me.



halter tops are nice. Tube tops are fun, too. Both are "wardrobe malfunctions" waiting to happen





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bad... very bad @dirtmudd


I did a double take



*Was it cold outside around seven wherever y'all are?

It was 34 here according to the WU reporting three blocks away from here! Was a shock when the heat came on this morn, worse when I took out the trash barefoot in shorts and a t. It's been 50 - 60 in the morning here for the past couple of weeks.

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I like the devolution of the swimsuit.  From cover everything twice to a string or two.


... was watching a Perry Mason from 1960...

a little known actor guest starred   Robert Redford


"The Chief" from Get Smart was in another one...


I'd guess it is gonna rain sometime today.

Weather person said the dew point at 5PM was 4` and I believe it. I smelled water this AM.

...........desert rats

first thing I thought when I got off the plane in Lihue [Kauai]... "I smell water"

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