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Ugg, what a day.

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Thanks everyone. Right now we are 2 hours into the surgery but it should be done soon. There was a good positive result just with the. Antiinflamitory she got in preperation for surgery so we have good hopes of a positive outcome of the surgery which the point of is to reduce pressure in her head.

Well, back to waiting for the doc to finish :D

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Ok we just spoke to the doc . They removed what was thought to have caused this cyst but left the cyst its self as it was so large it was needed to prevent excessive movement of the brain. There is a drain tube installed and she will be in ICU for a few days but it is looking good at the moment!

Thank you all for the support, prayers work and we had a lot of support both here and in at church and from family and their churches.

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This is a little more in depth, I have a real keyboard to use, not that tiny thing on the phone.

Thank you all, so much.
Lets see, when last we joined our hero, .... LOL!
Lots has happened. The surgery was postponed Tue, the doc wanted to know more, he got a conference together with about 6 other ... brain docs, to kick around what they may find and what to do about it. They basically came up with the same thing that the last set of docs came up with about 30 years ago when this all started, they decided that it did not fit into any box, no disease that is on the books, .... my wife is... unique but I could have told them that from the start! :D
The operated this morning and the surgery took about two hours. They started by drilling a hole (yet another hole) in her head as she did not have anything already predrilled where they wanted to have access. This cyst is a new one from any of the others she has from before, it was about 6 cm in dia and if I have my conversion factor right (or if I used the correct metric unit to start with) it was about 2.5 inches across (growing in the center of the brain) When they got inside, they found some necrotic tissue (dead tissue of some sort) that was attached to the wall of the cyst and they were sure that the tissue was the reason for this cyst. To get access to the tissue, they needed a bigger access point so they made the hole in her head even bigger. They removed the tissue but due to the size of the cyst, if they removed it or made it too small too fast, they were afraid of causing the blood vessels that in part tie the brain to the inside of the skull to rupture and bleed. So they decided to place a tube into the cyst and now she has it sticking out the left front top of the head. It is routed up and around so that gravity will not drain the fluid which is maintaining the shape of the cyst inside the brain matter thus preventing the tearing and bleeding. The tube is open though (measures to maintain sterility are in place) so pressure can vent.
We saw her about an hour after the end of surgery and she was just getting settled into the intensive care unit. She was still kind of out of things due to the surgery but we could see an improvement in her talking and movement. So things are looking up, I will be going back early in the morning to see her and spend most of the day there. Today we (my son and I ) only stayed about an hour with her after she left the OR. I felt that even though, it was comforting to her to have us there, she would get more rest if we left. Tomorrow, after things have settled we will know more.
It will take time to know the result of todays surgery but we do know that without it, .... well the outcome was not good.
Thanks again for everyone here, the support is more valuable than sometimes we know when a post of support is made, I know often I will add a comment to a thread like this, feeling like I wish I could do more but knowing that prayer is all I can do. It all helps guys, it all helps. :D
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