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Ugg, what a day.

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Cal, I feel for ya man! A wise man once said that Fate is the Hunter, but there is good fate as well as bad, and in this Universe (I am an Astronomer) I truly believe good fate is much larger than bad fate. Has to be or this Universe wouldn't exist. Add good doctors and your wife should come out fine. That's my feeling.

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This is a pic of part of the scan of the cysts in her head. Anything white is not supposed to be there, granted it is the worst view of it but starting with the fact that nothing like this is supposed to be there, an idea of the scale of her problems can be seen. This has been going on for 30 years so I have accepted the situation long ago but still, wow.


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Unbelievable. It's staggering to me what the human body can endure, not only from within, but the treatments that follow. We are so strong, yet fragile at the same time.

Thanks for keeping us updated, Cal. Thoughts continue to be with you.

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Sorry for the time between updates.

It is looking very good two days out from the surgery. While she would never be mistaken for "normal, whatever that is" but she is alert, understands what is going on around her and what is said to her a and can speak in understandable full sentences, that has not been true for more than 6 months.

There still is a drain tube in the head and likely will be for a few more days so until then, she will be in ICU then will be moved to a regular room until cleared to go home.

Again, thank you everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts, it means a lot. We have a big improvement from pre surgery and likely will have more. The big event is over and we have settled down a bit

I doubt there will be any pitfalls now and will update big changes but this life event is nearly over.

Thanks again for all the support, this is a great community :D

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Glad things are improving, even if they are improving slowly.

Taking your mind off of the current situation (as if that was possible), I just bought a pair of Klipschorns. I am excited, but I have violated the promise I made when I decided to get into this escape from reality. That promise was only to buy things I could fund from the "toy" account. I was able to avoid temptation earlier with respect to a pair of Cornwalls that I really wanted. While I was patting myself on the back for my restraint, I saw the Klipschorns. Ah what the hell, food and heat are overrated anyway.

Now I have to drive 550 miles each way to pick them up tomorrow, explain this to my wife, and explain to my son why he now must transfer to a state college. How did my priorities get so messed up in just two months?

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Hey, Congrats!

Are those the ones from Main? They look great and they will sound even better.

They are a different sound than the Cornwall's but I am VERRRRRRRY happy with my "new' pair :D

It took two months ? You have some great willpower!

I first saw khorns on1977 and i now own a pair of '78s

As to the money, heck,you only NEED to spend it once, want to, well that is another story.

If the wife likes good sound, she should love those and heck, you are only buying furniture, tables for your corners that also happen to double as speakers! :P

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Hey Wayne -

I've been hitting the Recent Posts page occaionally, and totally missed this thread until today. Wow. So very glad Cynthia is doing well and you are holding up as well. Praying for you both. God is an ever present help in time of need!

I'll have to go find the thread about your Khorns, are they in the front home theater room?

Take care and rely on His strength.

Your Boeing buddy from St. Louis -

Larry O.

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Just a note.

She will be coming home tomorrow from the skilled nursing unit where she is right now.

The movement has returned to the right side but is very weak. She is doing pretty good at speaking but her biggest problem right now is transferring information to short memory. You could ask her what she had for lunch five minutes after she ate and she would have a hard time telling you what it was.

There is going to be in the home care for her part time for so at those times it may be tough for a while though.

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