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SOLD.....KPT Pro Cinema Systems for sale


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So you need another Speaker Project.... :rolleyes:   and you like them BIG.... :)

Maybe you like 2-Way ;) but not sure maybe 3-way is better :o maybe even try some Bi-Amping :ph34r:

WARNING..!!!! These are not for the faint of heart who are afraid of maybe getting out of their comfort zone :unsure:


These were produced in 1999 and have first generation K510 and K402 Horns


Here is what's included


(3) KPT-904-LF-N    (Includes LF and HF Network)

(3) KPT-402-MF      (K402 Horn / K-1133 Driver)

(3) KPT-Grand-HF-N  (K510 Horn / B&C DE75 Driver / Mid and High Network)

(2) KPT-904-HF      (K510 Horn / B&C DE75 Driver)

(2) KPT-200


All drivers have been tested and sound very good playing BB King and Buddy Guy (Riding With The King). :)


904 Cabinets have some nicks and scratches and are in good structural condition.


The K402 Horns have some stress cracks from the Grand HF having been mounted to them and these can be easily repaired if desired but cause no issue with the sound. (These stress cracks are due to the original design of the small Grand Baffle only being mounted at 2 points which Klipsch changed in later designs). I had intended and suggest either making a larger baffle for the Grand HF like Klipsch did in later design or making a separate mounting stand for the Grand Baffle and not attaching it to the K402 at all.


I've owned these for several years and were going to do a custom project with them but

no longer have the place or time so I have decided to let them go.


 I want to clear the room as soon as possible to build a dedicated listening room for my Jubs. So here is the deal :lol: ...... 

$1500 buys everything..!!!!


No Shipping.... Sorry :mellow:

At this time I'm only interested in selling as a complete package.

Again sorry but as I said previously I'm pricing these to move quickly so any potential buyers who can make arrangements with me to pick-up the earliest gets everything.


Please e-mail or PM any questions and I will respond as soon as I possibly can.


Location:  Maryville,TN   roughly 30 miles south of Knoxville,TN












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Again if one is wanting to use these as 3-way I strongly suggest modifying the mounting or making a separate bracket to support the Grand HF sections.


Here are pictures of the stress cracks from the Grand HF baffle mounting/weight.


I believe these could easily be filled/repaired if desired but again they cause no audible issues otherwise.








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Those K402 horns without the drivers are worth more than the price you are asking for the entire system. 


I am heading back to Cleveland Clinic again for mom today. I would buy this setup for that price just to get the 6 horns. I already have 3 perfect 904's and six 200's.

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It is clear that this is an incredible opportunity for someone, someone with a vision.

This price is a once in a lifetime deal. My sympathy to Mike and his family over what is clearly an episode of insanity.

Mike, I hope you recover and come back to your senses,


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Another option would be to mount the B&C75 on the K510 on top of the 904 (mount the center one horizontal or split bottom/top screen), use the KPT200 for surround, and sell off all the other horn/drivers. Could probably build a great system practically for free doing this! 


I'd do it myself, but already have such a system in stock, with KPT250's for surrounds. GLWS, shouldn't take long at that price. 

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Deals like this are so tempting. 

I presume each of us did a quick analysis of: 





Current System.


Then wondered how we could make it work out.


I'd be all over it but for the distance.  How large of packages does UPS handle?????

Good luck with sale. 

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