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Alrighty then @dirtmudd has solved the problem I don't have to look.


Yanno Mike, about the only thing I can say about you is you're now becoming high maintanance.  I have an ex just about like you.  Nuff said.   😂


Beans are pricey anymore just like everything else.  How's a guy gonna eat?  FML!  Lawdy it's gonna get nuts around here.  I knew it was gonna happen at some point.  Might have to start selling some old stuff and replacing it.  Sucks to be me fo sure!


Factor in putting the Thorens 165 in line w/a new Dynavector 20X in it for 45's???  We now have a love/hate relationship brewing.  Thanks a lot for the clarification but you're treading on thin ice.  😂😂😂


Alcohol Party GIF - Alcohol Party Lets Get It Started GIFs 


I Already Know Youre Going To Say Yes Jewel Staite GIF - I Already Know Youre Going To Say Yes Jewel Staite Renee Marand GIFs 





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1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

Yea, and I've got my OLD Linn sooooo there's that!  lol  What a piece of junk I own!  lolol  @oldtimer was only gonna gimme tofity.  At least twee!   W/the 20X cart mebee fo!  

I'll do better ,   I have  plenty of parts to fix it 

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2 hours ago, oldtimer said:

Because you already had to fix it.  It's older now so how about one seventy fi?

Tempting.  How bout a Rega P10?  Same price?  I don't have one but I'll keep my eyes open for ya!   :)    Cleaned the garage today and found a pair of mebe Chorus that need a couple mid horns.  Think I paid 15$ for 'em at that auction when I bought that twin 18 JBL subcabinet.  15$ and I'll pay for shipping?  😂💪😂😂  Keep dreamin.  Gonna go ahead as send you that book you wanted.  Try to stay in the lines when you're coloring!  Ya have to send it back though.  Wash ur hands cause I haven't been there yet.  :)  

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