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7 hours ago, MicroMara said:

It was now another 1.5 years well packed in my store ...Yesterday was baptism ...Peter Pritchard's MI ADC 10E MKIV is on the modded SME 3009 in operation. Had purchased it from a collector , technically impeccable condition , the needle has assured max 20 operating hours , moreover I had purchased the ADC with an original replacement needle Astatic USA. This is still well packed in the store.







Among other things I still own an ADC XML MK III with JICO needle , a NoS XLM MK IV ( very very rare ) and a Sonus Gold Blue

Just imagine , the good man had bought it on 04.09.1972 , it actually sometime in the last 50 years just for fun a little play , forget and that's it. Actually incredible ... these collectors ...collect & collect & collect ..but do not hear or have collected so much that they lose track.




Now I'm the lucky one who can hear it . Initially it distorted in the Mids spectrum , ran unsteadily in the scan , pale timbres , little fundamental ...from bass spectrum no speech.


After a few corrections of the VTA, the Trackingforce ( 0.5 > 1.25 / 0.7 recommended ) with me currently 1.0 Antiskating, Azymuth and a whole night in the idle groove of the Clearaudio Break In Vinyls sounds today already quite different




This crazy spatiality ..solved airiness of the action in the room..a stage structure at its best. Slightly dark timbre without losing resolution in brilliance & Hights, strong Mids&Groundtone down to the bass staging with attack , bounce & dynamics with an almost heavenly musical flow.


I'm impressed and amused , that's they way it should be

A low-flyer in the true sense of the word




That is a beautiful piece of kit 

Enjoy the music 🤘

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@Bacek from one of "the red-headed stepchildren" as the "DJ" puts it welcome to the show & tell vinyl thread!

The way I understand it the 45 rpm LPs are of better sound quality and are used by Analogue Recordings for their high end offerings.

Bet it does sound good!

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1 hour ago, MicroMara said:

and the answer is 




First quote that comes to my mind


Terry Pratchett - The Colour of Magic


“That’s what’s so stupid about the whole magic thing, you know. You spend twenty years learning the spell that makes nude virgins appear in your bedroom, and then you’re so poisoned by quicksilver fumes and half-blind from reading old grimoires that you can’t remember what comes next.”



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@KROCK got that thing laying here and debating on unzipping it.  I've heard most of it and not really too impressed.  Gonna tell me to unzip it aren't you?  Could be their last but...  :)


BTW,  Candy Dufner dropped this today if your interested.  Does a lil sax work if your interested.  She gets it for sure!  Better jump.  They'll be gone in a heartbeat!  Mine's on the way!  Gonna soooo make room for her.  She's nummy AF!  :)




Why jump?  A lil hot a$$ jazzzzzz...  


Saxuality is the successful debut album by Dutch alto saxophonist Candy Dulfer and contained two singles, 'Heavenly City' and 'Saxuality'. Following up the huge worldwide hit 'Lily Was Here' with Dave Stewart, the album was a guaranteed seller and charted in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States. It was also nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.


The album is not just a collection of songs, but a testament to the artist's undeniable talent and creative vision. Saxuality is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on gold colored vinyl and includes an insert. Official website: https://candydulfer. Nl/ LISTEN: https://youtu. #be/wL2D4Fph1KA * 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL * INCLUDES INSERT * HER DEBUT ALBUM FEATURING THE SINGLES 'SAXUALITY' AND 'HEAVENLY CITY' * RECEIVED GRAMMY AWARD-NOMINATION FOR BEST CONTEMPORARY JAZZ ALBUM * REACHED #3 IN THE DUTCH ALBUM TOP 100 * LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED COPIES ON GOLD COLORED VINYL Track listing: SIDE A 1. Pee Wee 2. Saxuality 3. So What 4. Jazzid 5. Heavenly City SIDE B 1. Donja 2. There Goes The Neighbourhood 3. Mr. Lee 4. Get The Funk 5. Home Is Not A House


Now listen WHILE you're lookin and thank me later.



Lil note to you all in Europe,  WHY DO I HAVE TO BREAK THIS ALBUM IN HERE???  YOU have ONE JOB TO DO.  THAT'S IT!  JUST ONE STINKIN JOB!!!   Keep it up and ur gettin a lump of coal for Xmas!    😂










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Well in the last two days I spun these records


The Spliff Radio Show




The sec. Spliff Album 85555 , btw Spliff was a succesfulln german band in the 1980tees 




The german Rock Band Grobschnitt ( rough cut if you like ) 




the debut from Lake , awarded by the german phono academy




Was fun boys .....

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