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54 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Mudd is nowhere near the Bronx, and I have chased down drug dealers on foot in Manhattan so nice try.  (sorry for the off topic of not hockey full range).

well I'm not that far away...compared to you... so step your game up..


pay me a visit... or go suck your thumb in the corner.. bogen boy ....



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Nope, don't think he got clipped in the head by anyone's stick.  You see him pull that?  Pretty lame but it happens I guess.  Yea, they didn't have it workin and the Bruins jumped early soooo behind the 8-ball all nite imo.  hahaha...  Nice looking replacement!  :)


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Scored late and he got shoved outta the way then bapped Foligno in the back of the head with his stick.  No call.  Was pretty obvious even for a non-hockey kinda guy.  Just thumped him.  ESPN was on a rant about it along w/other the rest of the media.  Tortorella and Foligno didn't say much.  Just told them to make their own call.  Something like Barr's testimony in DC.  hahahaha


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