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Ahh I understand now. YES!! Stability

I will have to run a few tests to see what I will have to do when I get the gear set up.  Current plan is to get the gear by July 1st out of storage. I will be spinning lot's by then :) so will be appearing here quite a bit more.

I like that table block! It should serve you and your table well.

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`Morning @Dave1290 Got something for you to chew on while you're in transition.

 What do you think of those casters? When set up will it be on that tile?

Bet you've thought of this already, just wanted to throw it out there in case...


Only reason I'm thinking this is what I've experienced with my heavy cabinet over twenty years. It has six casters and hindsight has me thinking that a couple or three "runners" under it would have been better for some situations. It's good on a rug, but on tile I had some resonance introduced. On linoleum it's fine and the two turntables I've had since then have been more stable too. You've got four separate legs though and it might not be an issue like the flat 18 x 46 underside here.   & no I've never put pointed conical doodads under my equipment ;) sorbothane I'll admit to.


Look at the color of the ends of the pieces of wood... looks almost like cedar from that direction. Is it cedar wrapped with a light maple on the outside?

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@JohnJ, et. all...  I'm round like a donut...  Trying to clear up this boar's nest of cables, wires, electrical plugs and stuff.  Remounting my wall rack to a different location for the Linn table until I get the butcher block table totally stabilized.  Just more holes to fill when I paint.  Old system is outta the living room opening up a corner for my  LS so improved sound stage.  Oh, did I mention hairballs from the cat my oldest daughter thought I needed and dumped on me?  Pray for me!  Might want to include the cat too!  😂  😂   😂  😎


Here's what I'm workin on.  When I bought this place I KNEW what I wanted to do but couldn't use my old Infinity speakers.  Electrostatic mids/tweeters were not made available when Harmon bought Infinity out.  Have a guy who refurbs them and new one's are available from Graz in AU but they're $500 each and I need 4.  Bottoms are fine and I have a new set laying here. Something had to give so I went with the 81 RB LS  installed Dean's Jupiter networks and Bob's tweeters. 


Right channel of my Perreaux went because of age since it hadn't been recapped.  Decided to try tubes thinking McIntosh and finally settled on the PrimaLuna.  Then a Schitt Mani, (thanks to Paul) and kept my Linn, which is NEXT up on my hit list.  The Perreaux gear goes to St. Louis for a complete overhaul and matching.  It's a beautiful system to listen too.  I can't just junk it. 


All of my LP's were mixed up by my ex and it took me 2 years of spare time to finally get them back in order.  That's done, so on to the next step.  Old stuff out, rip the curtains and overhead window light boxes out, hang the new halogen spider light and Levolor laying here, re-paint the room , add some traps, etc.  Floors are oak hardwood and a nice persian rug will dress this rat hole right up!  THEN we beat some nails and hang some teaser goodies up!  NO rush but the battle plan is in place  :)


John, it's solid maple, cleaned up well but stained from prior use.  The sorbothane dude I talked with told me to try the tips under the table and if that didn't work to let him know.  Castors will come off and blocks of sorbothane  put under the legs.  Going to have a dude build me a 2 or 3 shelf table to fit under the block table for my amp and maybe a streamer cause I'm becoming even more worthless as I get older.  lol  It's gonna sort itself in time.  No rush, I'm not dead yet!  :)



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Looking nice @Dave1290. So pi$#ed the last couple days, win 10 destroying the drivers for my hardware ( mb chipset, graphics card) I'm looking at Linux mint or Ubuntu seriously now. Jide does Android for x86 hardware but their site is all Chinese now! Know I'm not bright enough for Linux, nonetheless I will be running it sooner than later.

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