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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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14 hours ago, Full Range said:

I have an almost brand new Shibata stylus on the Stanton 680 EEE 


Eventually I will need to replace the current stylus on the Stanton 981 LZS but haven’t decided what cut is the best way to go 

May go with the fine or vivid line ?



you don´t need my advice in this matter ..LoL , you´ll know what to choose ...

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This morning a new Yamamoto headshell arrived in the mail, didn't have time to take care of it at first, then in the early afternoon I started installing the Osawa 301 Moving Iron pickup into the headshell. In the process, I broke off a ferrule from a headshell cable. Since I always have some in my spare parts store, this was no problem. So I soldered a new one and could then install the pickup and put it into operation. Then still the Azymuth at the Headshell as well as the VTA adjusted.


The developer Yazuo Osawa gave the OS 301 his name who developed moving iron pickups himself in the early 1980s - raised to legend by some fans - and later worked for the manufacturer Fidelity Research. Osawa can therefore already come up with an undeniable experience in the construction of cartridges. Later he moved to Nagaoka and developed, among other things, the legendary Nagaoka MP 100 to MP 300 OS series. The Nagaoka MP 300 OS I also have in my collection, but can not use it yet because it is too light , so it is not compatible on the 162 gram counterweight of the SME arm, comes the 90 gram counterweight finally from England , I can use it.







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19 minutes ago, MeloManiac said:

Who can think of an album to play while this Tripel LeFort beer? 


Not like music for a fine wine... but beer?

Heck Yea. I do have this one since it came out and can vouch for it being an excellent weekend play.

Bottoms Up!



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13 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

MAN, I just got here and got caught up then you posted Kenny Roger's.  How in the heck did you know that was JUST the album I was going to select for you???


Now, gimme da beer!  😂  😂  :)

He has this song titled "God lift that beer", well, that's how I hear it anyhow... 

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I SHOULD be doing something in here today w/my stuff.  Have all my new albums in the cabinet and in order.  Opened up the new top shelf on the wall and after adjusting new stuff w/the old stuff and moving the new out I'll have even more  room.  Now IF you followed all that crap I just spewed you'll know why I'm not 'ON IT."  Might just spin a few and do a lil work.  :)

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