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45 minutes ago, MeloManiac said:

I guess the greatness of the recording lies in the deeper part of the grooves, where my old needle couldn't reach... 

Imo the heart of any system is the turntable.  I've had my Linn for 40 years and it was the best investment I ever made.  ZERO problems EVER and I'll never change.  The final thing I bought was my cart.  THAT sealed the deal.  Done & happy.  :)


Great bunch of guys in here who openly share thoughts and ideas.  That's what makes it happen.  


Picked up a couple tricks from my Linn dude I've wanted to share so I'll do it now.  Best way to clean that stylus?  Silly Putty.  GENTLY lower the cart and just touch the stylus.  Hairballs and garbage stick to the Silly Putty.  All he uses.  I asked about oils and he said it just makes it play easier and laffed.  Or you can sand/brush it off if you like.  Your call.   


He's not a God but he's a Linn school trained dude w/40 years working on primarily Linn tables and gear.  I'll make that 5 hour drive every summer.  Heck last year he didn't want to charge me anything.  Oil change, tweek on the springs since they settled in after the replacement and out the door.  I gave him $50 to buy the guys lunch and for putting up w/me.  lol


Here's a LINN trick if you have one.  If you also have a VPI cleaning machine or possibly another brand with the vacuum tube try this: Instead of just shaking that felt table mat to get garbage off.  Put the mat on your VPI and if, your heads outta the cycle position, you can gently vac allllll the garbage off.  Just fire it up and go.   Beats a shaking and gets into the mat.  No sweeper needed.   :)


The down side of it all is there's ALWAYS somethin else.  lol


Buy a new Zerostat 3 Milty gun to go with that table @KROCK?  Mine's in that "aura" somewhere.  lol 




Yea, he's killin it right now!  Nummy and a great way to start the day.  :)












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The NoS Yamaha MC 11 arrived from Sweden ( 260 € plus shipping ) yesterday morning. Best packed ! Was because of the negative experience with the DV 380 / 20 B rather skeptical .


First checked how it looks, visually impeccable, well was the DV380 / 20 B also




Then it was put into operation, the Dr. Feickert Protractor is with now gone into the blood, a complete readjustment now takes only about 15 minutes, an indispensable tool. I can only recommend to everyone ! The MC 11 is with 5.5 gr. own weight one of the few MC's that can be driven optimally on the SME 3009 S2 / Improved .


I considered whether I should break in the Yamaha MC first on the Clearaudio " Break In " Vinyl, priority was however it first on its operability to examine thus Donald Fagen's " Nightfly " put on, default settings at the Trichord are 1,1pf / 33 ohms, Gain MC Low 0,25 > 0,4 mV = 70 dB amplification



As usual, I first expected nothing when you put a new cart in operation, I still had the relatively disappointing memory of the AT -OC 9 in mind.


But it came completely different ..WOW what a sound cartridge .....after 20 minutes running time. I was stunned


A MC that mirrors space and depth, similar to the MI's of ADC tremendously musical as well as very homogeneous. The detail resolution and localization sharpness are very precise. Full-bodied and lush in the fundamental tone, tight and deep dry bass spectrum. Sensitive fine resolution in the mid-brilliance and treble spectrum. It plays on the Trichord lively, agile, lively powerful and very dynamic. The music simply flows with thrilling involvement.


Probably shows here what you can get out of a MC by the cross-coil bearing and the twisted 7-fold tension wire with 30 mu diameter each with fixed attachment in precision, if these are not stored in rubber or foam.


I'm  quiet happy with the MC 11 !


The Shelter 501 MK III MC has also arrived, but I will put it into operation in the course of the next week.

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@MeloManiac you´ve mentioned high quality record productions a couple of days ago like Sieveking or inakustik both from germany , there´s a company in Berlin , they´re producing direct to vinyl also , here´s something to read for you





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